Titanium SDK 6.3.0.RC -  17 October 2017

About this release

Titanium SDK 6.3.0.RC is a minor release of the SDK, addressing high-priority issues from previous releases.

As of this release, Titanium SDK 6.2.x will not be supported six months from 6.3.0.GA's release date. See Axway Appcelerator Deprecation Policy and Nominal Lifetimes documents for details.

Support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone SDKs has been deprecated as of SDK 6.3.0.GA.

New features

Android platform

  • TIMOB-25197 - Android: Support RefreshControl in Ti.UI.ScrollView
    • Added RefreshControl support to vertical and horizontal ScrollViews

iOS platform

  • TIMOB-24780 - iOS 11: Expose new API's to Ti.SafariDialog
    • Added support for iOS 11's APIs
  • TIMOB-24805 - iOS: Support large window-titles
    • Added support for large window titles
  • TIMOB-24808 - iOS 11 / Android O: Add support for Password AutoFill
    • Added support for Password AutoFill
  • TIMOB-25076 - iOS 11: Add new MapKit API's
    • Added support of iOS 11 MapKit APIs
  • TIMOB-25270 - iPhone X: Support for FaceID
    • Created the new Ti.Identity module to support touch-id, face-id, and keychain-access
    • Note: Ti.TouchID will be deprecated

Fixed issues


  • TIMOB-12153 - Android : Scrollview with a tableview does not scroll if contentHeight is set to 'auto'
  • TIMOB-25238 - Android: View with a border can cause a significant performance deficit
  • TIMOB-25258 - Android: TableView bottom border extends past the last table row
    • This was introduced in 6.2.0
  • TIMOB-25266 - Android: Loading url in WebView crashes on Android 4.1
  • TIMOB-25347 - Android: Build fails with No resource found that matches the given name (at 'background' with value '@color/primary')
  • TIMOB-25359 - Android: ScrollView not scrolling when keyboard is showing
  • TIMOB-25360 - Android: Height Ti.UI.FILL inside ScrollView should match iOS
  • TIMOB-25363 - Android: Intents should use ContentProvider
  • TIMOB-25376 - Android:List item is not rendering properly with 6.2.X and above 
  • TIMOB-25377 - Android: ScrollView child percent size should be relative to container size


  • TIMOB-25287 - iPhone X: Ti.UI.SearchBar in list-view get wrongly positioned
  • TIMOB-25300 - iOS 11: Window titleControls are not centered in Landscape Orientation
  • TIMOB-25301 - iPhone X: Need to be able to control the Insets / Layout Margins
  • TIMOB-25309 - Xcode 9 / iPhone X: Simulator is killed everytime, app-session terminated
  • TIMOB-25318 - iOS: Cannot build for devices with 6.2.0.GA
  • TIMOB-25319 - iOS: Fails to package app when using CloudKit
  • TIMOB-25332 - iOS 11: ListView broken due to behavior-changes in UITableView
  • TIMOB-25334 - iOS 11: TableViews are sliding up when opening from navigation-window
  • TIMOB-25346 - JSON parse error with Ti.App.fireEvent in 6.2.0.GA plus
  • TIMOB-25358 - iOS: Problem with Ti.UI.SearchBar in SDK 6.2.0+ when not filling the screen
  • TIMOB-25361 - iOS: Ti.UI.Slider.setValue not updating the slider
  • TIMOB-25373 - iOS: Search result view of List did not close when widow containing list view get closed.
  • TIMOB-25393 - Adding Third-Party iOS Framework causes build error with 6.2.x


  • TIMOB-24934 - Windows: App fails to install to device if newer VCLibs package exists
  • TIMOB-25175 - Windows: Ti.UI.SIZE for height of ListView does not work as expected
  • TIMOB-25245 - Windows: Calling picker.reloadColumn removes all other columns
  • TIMOB-25246 - Windows: PickerColumn shrinks after reload
  • TIMOB-25247 - Windows: Picker.setSelectedRow doesn't work
  • TIMOB-25263 - Windows: remove back button from top bar
  • TIMOB-25273 - Windows: TableViewRow does not fill size of TableView
  • TIMOB-25298 - Windows: ListItem is not occupying the full width of ListView
  • TIMOB-25325 - Windows: Click event of Button does not provide X, Y coordinates
  • TIMOB-25385 - Windows: Broken display text after 6.2.2.GA updated

Improvements patch releases

  • TIMOB-8898 - Android: Support FILL behavior on contentWidth/contentHeight property of scroll view
    • Added Ti.UI.Fill and Ti.UI.SIZE support to ScrollView "contentWidth" and "contentHeight" properties
  • TIMOB-25064 - Windows: Hyperloop does not pick DLL in lib folders
    • Added capability to managed DLL with Hyperloop
  • TIMOB-25322 - iOS: Geolocation should be able to handle iOS 11 permission upgrade, Media should warn when writing to gallery
    • Updated geolocation to handle iOS 11 permission upgrade

  • TIMOB-25355 - iOS 11: Update Ti.Facebook iOS to 4.27.0
    • Updated Ti.Facebook iOS to 5.6.0

API changes

New APIs