When running into issues with the Appcelerator CLI, there are some simple steps to figure out additional information.

Submitting a bug

Refer to Reporting Bugs or Requesting Features for more information. Check JIRA first as the issue may already have been reported with a fix or workaround. When submitting a bug, it is often helpful to provide a stack trace and debug log. You can do so by running the CLI with an extra parameter of DEBUG=* before the regular command and a trace flag after the regular command. For example (replace <command> with the actual command):

DEBUG=* appc <command> -l trace
cmd /C "set DEBUG=* && appc <command> -l trace"

Another useful piece of information is which version of Node you are running and which versions of the Appc CLI you are using. Here are some useful commands to get the Appc CLI versions:

npm ls -g appcelerator # shows you the version of Appc CLI from NPM that is currently installed
$ npm ls -g appcelerator
└── appcelerator@4.2.12 
appc use # shows you the version of Appc CLI from Registry that is currently selected and installed
$ appc use
The following versions are available:

6.2.4    Not Installed                     
6.3.0    Not Installed                               
7.0.0    Installed                                
7.0.1    Installed                            
7.0.2    Installed (Active)                   


Please re-try this install again

This error manifests items in several different ways, such as:

This is often best solved by two options: reinstalling the appcelerator command line via NPM or logging out with -D:

[sudo] npm install -g appcelerator
appc use latest
appc logout -D
appc login # reauthenticate again with access code

Application deployment failed