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Studio 5.1.3.GA - 13 August 2019

Studio 5.1.3 is a patch release that includes improvements and bug fixes.

As of this release, Studio 5.1.x will not be supported six months (2020-02-13) from 5.1.3.GA's release date. See Axway Appcelerator Deprecation Policy and Nominal Lifetimes documents for details.


  • TISTUD-9169 - Fix miscellaneous debugger issues
    • Fixed debugging issue with Android apps on Windows
    • Change default caught and uncaught exceptions/errors to break on no exceptions
    • Fixed issue when Hyperloop in enabled that a project cannot be debugged
    • Fixed issue when trying to debug on iOS sim/device for the second time without killing the previous instance of app on the device the debugger does not connect
    • Fixed issue when using Titanium SDK 7.5.X or 8.0.X so that Safari Web Inspector connects properly
    • Removed remnants of Android profiler

    • Fixed issues supporting some ES6+ types in debugger view (like Map, Set, WeakMap, WeakSet).

    • Fixed issue where the debugger hangs in SDK 8.1.0

    • Fixed logging error when Filesystem API isn't used

    • Fixed issue where Alloy wasn't generating sourcemaps for files under lib directory

    • Added support for inline source mapping

    • Improved debugging of applications in third party tools and Studio
    • Fixed issue where the debugger suspends on generated file for encrypted JS
  • TISTUD-9178 - Support inline source mapping
    • Added support for source maps the CLI build generates (mapping between Resources <-> build)
  • TISTUD-9185 - Update Node.js version distributed via studio to v8.16.0
    • The version of Node.js that is distributed with Studio is 8.16.0 and minimum version will be bumped to 8.0
    • If Studio doesn't find Node.js 8.0, it will install 8.16.0

Fixed issues

  • TISTUD-9049 - Unable to view application source when debugging Android project on Windows
  • TISTUD-9161 - iOS Debug: The debugger does not connect when trying to debug second time
  • TISTUD-9166 - iOS Debug: The iOS debug breaks on few anonymous files before app launches
  • TISTUD-9170 - Debugger: Exception in variable view due to empty labels for few variables
  • TISTUD-9171 - Debugger: debugger hangs against 8.1.0 SDK on first breakpoint in ti.main.js
  • TISTUD-9174 - Debugger: Breakpoints set in alloy /lib files do not get hit
  • TISTUD-9177 - Android Debug: Array variable cannot be expanded in variables view
  • TISTUD-9183 - Android Debug: The debugger suspends on wrong js file during alloy project debug on Android device

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