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Titanium SDK 8.1.1.GA - 29 August 2019

About this release

Titanium SDK 8.1.1 is a patch release of the SDK, addressing high-priority issues from previous releases.

As of this GA release, the previous Titanium SDK patch release is no longer supported. End of support for this version will be 2019-02-29 or until the next patch release. Note: major and minor releases continue to be supported according to their nominal lifetime. See Axway Appcelerator Deprecation Policy and Nominal Lifetimes documents for details.


With the release of Titanium SDK 9.0.0, we will no longer support Node.js 8.X. Node 10.13.0 will be the new minimum supported version with SDK 9.0.0.

Community credits

Fixed issues


  • TIMOB-27104 - Android: ProgressIndicator logs "WindowLeaked" exception when hiding dialog and closing window at same time as of 8.0.2
  • TIMOB-27177 - Android: Closing root window from child causes app exit issues as of 8.0.1
  • TIMOB-27256 - Android: AlertDialog cannot be re-shown in a different window as of 8.0.1
  • TIMOB-27271 - Android: Resuming with intent using "FLAG_ACTIVITY_MULTIPLE_TASK" can hang the app
  • TIMOB-27304 - Android: Setting <uses-feature/> required "true" in "tiapp.xml" should override "false" setting in libraries
  • TIMOB-27308 - Android: Determinant "ProgressIndicator" ignores "value" property before shown
  • TIMOB-27309 - Android: Cannot re-show "ProgressIndicator" dialog if auto-hidden by closed window
  • TIMOB-27328 - Android: Splash screen open animation sometimes stutters on cold start


  • TIMOB-27097 - iOS: Incremental builds fail to install app when using dynamic frameworks
  • TIMOB-27253 - iOS Titanium APIs are able to be used for remote webviews
  • TIMOB-27261 - iOS Unsupported Architecture x86_64, i386
  • TIMOB-27279 - iOS: App rejected when using Swift module
  • TIMOB-27342 - iOS regression: Console.warn/error don't log all parameters


  • TIMOB-27266 - Titanium "Failed to encrypt JavaScript files" error on >=8.0.1.GA on Windows when using 32 bit java

Multiple platforms


  • TIMOB-27249 - Android: OptionDialog without radio buttons should not auto-set "selectedIndex" property after clicking option
    • Added feature that prevents a dialog to be displayed with the wrong type of buttons if reused

API changes

There were no API changes in this release.

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