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Compatibility and download

Apache Ant is the standard build tool for Java. It can be used to build Titanium native Android modules and to build the Titanium SDK for Android. It is not required to build Titanium applications for Android.

You can also use Eclipse and ADT to build native Android code, as described in Installing Eclipse and ADT. If you are using Eclipse and ADT, Ant is optional, but you may want to install both (for example, to use Ant for command-line builds and Eclipse and ADT for debugging).


ADT has been discontinued and we don't recommend using it.

Ant is not required for building, running, or distributing applications using the Titanium SDK.


Java is a prerequisite for Ant, and should be installed first. See Installing Oracle JDK for instructions.

Obtain the latest stable version of Apache Ant. Ant is supplied as a multi-platform archive. You can choose the archive format that's easiest for you to extract: all archives contain the same files.

Operating System

Package Version

Download Location


Latest Stable

Official Website


Latest Stable

Official Website


Latest Stable

Default Repositories or Official Website


To install, extract the Ant archive wherever you want to install Ant.

Add the Ant bin directory to your system's PATH environment variable.

For instructions on updating environment variables on Windows, see Configuring Environment Variables on Windows.