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Mercurial Support

You may use MercurialEclipse to provide Mercurial support in the Studio.

MercurialEclipse support

  • Cloning repositories and importing them as Eclipse projects
  • push, pull and convenient syncronization
  • working with branches (branch, merge and rebase)
  • tags
  • undo (backout, rollback and strip)
  • diffs
  • histories
  • patches
  • Mercurial extensions (mqueue, transplant and such)

Clone a Mercurial Respository

  1. Go to File -> Import -> Mercurial
  2. Fill in the Mercurial repository URL you wish to clone
  3. Follow the wizard's pages to complete the project import.

Additional Mercurial Questions

For advanced questions, we recommend checking out the MercurialEclipse web site