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Titanium Studio 3.2.1

20+ issues resolved. for a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.

Notable issues

  • TISTUD-4406 - Proxy Splash: settings do not populate based on preferences Closed
  • TISTUD-5247 - Unable to import projects from dashboard Closed
  • TISTUD-5895 - Studio: Cannot create project if selecting and de-selecting a platform that isn't installed Closed
  • TISTUD-5937 - Windows: Re-launching app on Android simulator does not kill previous session node processes Closed
  • TISTUD-5956 - Package iOS module wizard is not appearing from the toolbar Closed
  • TISTUD-5981 - Error creating Alloy app from Studio if alloy and CLI are installed without restarting Closed
  • TISTUD-5989 - Intellisense Auto Code Completion is not working Closed
  • TISTUD-6007 - Studio fails to validate Android SDK after a new path is configured in preferences Closed
  • TISTUD-6016 - Android: Default emulator is not auto created on windows Closed
  • TISTUD-6086 - When behind a proxy, Appcelerator Studio would login in offline mode on restart Closed

Titanium Studio 3.2.0

A major release with 300+ improvements and fixes. Here is a summary of the new features:

  • Brand new platform installation and configuration wizard
  • Asynchronous login to speed up startup time
  • Auto-detection of connected devices with a streamlined launch mode interface
  • Overhaul of the user interface
  • Upgrade from Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) to 4.3 (Kepler) to support Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
  • Support for creating Github forks

Notable issues

  • TISTUD-1458 - Speed up the Titanium Studio user experience Reopened
  • TISTUD-1594 - Upgrade Module wizard to support BlackBerry projects Closed
  • TISTUD-2948 - Add Alloy samples to Samples view Closed
  • TISTUD-3328 - iOS: refactor UI and Run Configs to support Retina and other features Closed
  • TISTUD-3669 - Studio: Expose android keystore for Android non-production builds Closed
  • TISTUD-3804 - Add validation of ids/classes defined in TSS but not views for Alloy Closed
  • TISTUD-4400 - Update Studio workflows for iOS device launches, directly to the device Closed
  • TISTUD-4463 - Move Eclipse platform target to 4.3 Closed
  • TISTUD-5060 - Add support to create github pull requests for current branch Closed
  • TISTUD-5061 - Add support to create github forks Closed
  • TISTUD-5200 - Allow create Alloy Application Templates using Rubles Closed
  • TISTUD-5240 - Build the new platform configuration wizard in Studio Closed
  • TISTUD-5312 - Improve performance of Android preference page Closed
  • TISTUD-5419 - Improve detection of existing Node.js installs using registry on Windows Closed
  • TISTUD-5444 - Improve the performance of Build workspace job Closed
  • TISTUD-5457 - Combine update mechanisms Closed
  • TISTUD-5467 - Clean up icons in the global toolbar Closed
  • TISTUD-5552 - Update Studio themes using the new capability provided in Eclipse 4.x Closed
  • TISTUD-5570 - Show a list of Android emulators instead of just "Android Emulator" for each launch mode Closed
  • TISTUD-5571 - Show a list of connected Android devices instead of just "Android Device" for each launch mode Closed
  • TISTUD-5822 - Add a "Refresh" menu to manually refresh the list of Android and iOS Devices Closed

Titanium Studio 3.1.3

20+ tickets addressed. For a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.

Notable issues

  • TISTUD-3295 - Simplify navigation between XML, JS and TSS files in an Alloy project Closed
  • TISTUD-5093 - Studio auto-formatter doesnt like negative numbers in alloy .tss Closed
  • TISTUD-5224 - Studio: Toast says android build succeeded when build failed Closed
  • TISTUD-5281 - Studio Building workspace every time I save a file Closed
  • TISTUD-5283 - Studio: warn, info, debug not outputting when debugging on phone Closed
  • TISTUD-5381 - Studio: Add support for iOS 7 64 bit simulator Closed

Titanium Studio 3.1.2

50+ improvement and fixes. For a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.

Notable issues

  • TISTUD-2040 - The iOS Platform preference page should load the certificates in background Closed
  • TISTUD-2300 - Alloy: Cannot create migration files with the same name Closed
  • TISTUD-2843 - Studio repeatedly prompts to install the same node.js modules NPM_CONFIG_PREFIX Closed
  • TISTUD-3601 - Allow users to specify to be warned about missing semicolons Closed
  • TISTUD-4322 - Node.ACS: "Initializing Node.ACS" process stuck at 30%. Closed
  • TISTUD-4525 - Alloy .tss parser doesn't validate colors property Closed
  • JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
  • TISTUD-5205 - Localization properties set in Alloy .tss files are marked as an error Closed
  • TISTUD-5250 - Android: When FastDev is enabled, emulators from SDKs 4.1 and greater will crash Closed

Titanium Studio 2.1.2

40+ improvements and fixes. For a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.

Notable issues

  • TISTUD-2138 - Dashboard: Update Android SDK to 20.0.3 on Staging Closed
  • TISTUD-2017 - Build: Android: Error while building Android application Closed
  • TISTUD-2059 - Dashboard: Configure: Android: Linux: android sdk only partially downloads then fails to run Closed
  • TISTUD-2028 - Dashboard: Learn > Developer Reference: Titanium Guides and Titanium Studio Guide need to point to latest Closed
  • TISTUD-1984 - Pass in JAVA_HOME to Python scripts Closed
  • TISTUD-1833 - Titanium Studio: Preferences > Titanium Studio > Titanium: Android SDK path can't save if no Android SDKs installed Closed
  • APSTUD-7244 - Aptana does not remember spaces settings Closed
  • APSTUD-7217 - Function outline not linking line numbers properly Closed
  • APSTUD-7176 - Renaming Projects tracked by git fails Closed
  • APSTUD-7160 - PHP Interpreters are gone after an restart Closed
  • APSTUD-5028 - toggling multi-line comments in ruby corrupts syntax highlighting for entire document Closed
  • APSTUD-4986 - Git History not showing Closed
  • APSTUD-4867 - Add editor preference to configure column cutoff for code coloring Closed
  • APSTUD-32 - PHP: Inserting elements prior to an apostophe results in a missing apostrophe Closed

Titanium Studio 2.1.1

A selection of fixes to improve the developer experience. For a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.

In particular, we fixed an issue with multiple instances of the same item appearing in the JavaScript outline. We also upgraded the embedded version of Rhino to substantially improve JSLint JavaScript validation speed. As a continuing commitment to Open Source, we've also open-sourced the Studio integration with Titanium Desktop. Interested parties can visit the GitHub Repository.


If you wish to keep editing and running desktop projects, you can install the latest set of plugins from

Notable issues

  • TISTUD-1817 - Titanium Studio: Install Titanium Module > Browse while Packaging Module Freezes Studio Closed
  • TISTUD-1791 - Allow non-commercial iOS developers to deploy iOS applications Closed
  • TISTUD-1158 - Multiple instances of the same process showing up in the console view Closed
  • TISTUD-1821 - Titanium Studio: unable to create android module at non-default project location Closed
  • TISTUD-1549 - Titanium Studio: Content Assist - content assist menu persistent in the OS if popup info has focus Closed
  • APSTUD-4896 - PHP Autocompletion for parent methods + namespace Closed
  • APSTUD-4875 - HTML validator should not flag no-value boolean attributes in HTML 4 Closed
  • APSTUD-4810 - Scripting keybindings don't work in Eclipse 4.2 Closed
  • APSTUD-4765 - Ruby auto 'end' insertion no longer working? Closed
  • APSTUD-4925 - Find bar tab key should move the focus to the next tab stop, as opposed to insert TABs into the text. Closed
  • APSTUD-4808 - GIT wants to commit unchanged files on OSX Closed

Titanium Studio 2.1.0

Titanium Studio 2.1.0 is the first release in several focusing on UI simplicity, ease of use, and speed.

For a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.

New simplified perspective

On starting up Titanium Studio, you'll notice a new "Configure" page with several options, the most prominent of which is the "Titanium Studio UI" radio. Switching to "simple" removes a significant amount of clutter from the UI. If you wish to switch back and forth, either return to the dashboard, or choose a new perspective from the area at the upper-right of the screen.

Handy shortcuts:

  • Hide toolbar: Right-click on Toolbar > Hide.
  • Show Toolbar: Window > Show Toolbar
  • Show dashboard: Help > Titanium Studio > Show Dashboard


  • You can now install Titanium Modules from the help menu much like you can SDKs.
  • Speaking of SDKs, there is now the option to download both the current and previously-released SDK versions.
  • Created an Android project, and now you want to make it an iPhone project? You can!

Mobile Web

  • When working with Mobile Web, go to Run Configurations... and you can auto-search for other installed browsers.


  • We've added a new high-performance JavaScript Style validator that does much of what JSLint does, but in a fraction of the time. Try turning it on in Preferences > Studio > Validation > JavaScript
  • We've also filtered out a lot of style warnings from JSLint.
  • Outline view now descends into conditional statements.


  • Studio 2.0.2 introduced a bug with slow typing in large files where word wrap was enabled. We've corrected that.
  • HTML validation filters have been re-enabled.

Other items of note

  • We've re-enabled support for the "dropins" folder.
  • Tweaks/Fixes to the Find bar, project/packaging wizards.
  • Upgrades to the console view for Android logging

Titanium Studio 2.0.2

A rather significant bug fix release with over 140 items.

For a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.

New Items

  • The find bar now supports multi-line search!
  • You can now file bugs and improvements from inside Titanium Studio. Check out Help > Troubleshooting > Titanium Studio > Submit Ticket.... If you don't have a JIRA account, please sign up at
  • Scope selectors in Rubles can now use grouping, intersection and union operators


  • Studio now references the new platform -clean option where available
  • Windows has been upgraded to use Python 2.7


  • JavaScript now has additional options for improved formatting placement of spaces around parentheses
  • Local variables inside functions are back again in content assist
  • Formatting fixes
  • ScriptDoc improvements


  • Notable speedup in CSS parsing
  • CSS and HTML text hovers have been improved with additional information
  • HTML snippets will no longer display inside HTML attribute values, unless specifically scoped to do so


  • The PHP outline now shows functions inside conditionals
  • PHP now supports parent:: autocompletion

Bugs of Note

  • TISTUD-1682 - Studio: Local variables do not appear in content assist Closed
  • APSTUD-4830 - Font size changes the when you open up a new file Closed
  • APSTUD-4774 - Deadlock in creating new Ruble project Closed
  • APSTUD-4756 - Unable to reliably disable syntax validation Closed
  • APSTUD-4731 - Files outside of projects do not get validated by jsLint Closed

Titanium Studio 2.0.1

This small release has a few notable changes, in particular, we addressed some speed issues in the JS and CSS editors, and fixed a long-standing issue whereby a user could accidentally delete a file using the "Undo" command.

  • TISTUD-1490 - Titanium Studio: SDK: updating to readonly sdk folder gives no such directory error Closed
  • TISTUD-1323 - Studio: Collapsing Javascript outline node crashes Ti Studio. Closed
  • APSTUD-4410 - Prompt user before deleting a file with Undo Closed
  • TISTUD-1048 - The ios-sim process is not killed when user re-launches iPhone simulator from Studio without first quitting the previous one Closed
  • TISTUD-336 - Outline window doesn't always show javascript object outlines for self-invoking functions Closed
  • APSTUD-3422 - Show differences in synchronize window extremely slow. Closed
  • APSTUD-4475 - Avoid unresponsiveness from auto-expanding outline levels on start-up (css files) Closed
  • APSTUD-4408 - Lazily load "additional info" for Javascript content assist Closed

For a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.

Titanium Studio 2.0

Titanium Studio 2.0 includes substantial feature improvements as well as increases in developer productivity. In total, this release contains over 400 features, improvements and fixes. See the Titanium Studio release list, and the Aptana Core release list.

Appcelerator Cloud Services

You can now add cloud services via ACS either from the new project wizard or add it to an existing project. See Appcelerator Cloud Services for more information.

Module Management

Rather than editing the tiapp.xml directly to add modules, you can now manage those modules directly from within the Titanium Studio GUI. See Using Titanium Modules for details.

XCode 4.3 Support

Titanium Studio now supports Xcode 4.3.

Editor Improvements

We've now enabled functionality that enables you to get content assist on user-defined functions without needing to save the file first. In addition, we've aded content assist on both hover and in Dynamic Help to give far more information than before about the functions and methods you're using in the Titanium API.

Typing /** before a JavaScript function will now automatically add a documentation header.

If you create a function in one file, and use it in another, you can now access Open Declaration (also via the F3 key) which will jump you back to the source definition

Validation updates: We now validate the whole project (as opposed to just the current file) as part of the build step, and we'll warn you before launching if the current project has errors. We also won't index or validate any files under the "builds" folder.

Extensible Publishing Platform

Titanium Studio now includes the ability for third-party providers to hook into our publishing workflow. App stores can register within the interface and allow simplified deployment from inside Titanium Studio to an online location. For more information, please see Adding a new Publish Provider.

New Views

  • A Snippets that provides easy access to the complete list of snippets shipped with Studio, as well as simple ways to filter, preview and edit the list
  • A Servers view for stopping, starting and restarting external servers used for preview

Additional Notable Changes

  • Studio 2.0 is now built on top of Eclipse 3.7.2
  • We've reworked the publishing workflow to make iOS and Android distribution more intuitive. Recently-run configurations will be added to the Run history so you can easily re-run them without needing to configure the wizard once again.
  • Emulators and Simulators now support custom launch arguments
  • Right-click on a project to open the analytics for that application.
  • The console now auto-locks if you scroll away from the bottom
  • Work on decreasing the amount of processes during startup and editing to improve the editor experience.

Titanium Studio 1.0.9

A minor release in preparation for a major Titanium Studio 2.0 upgrade. The biggest fix is addressing two issues with Mobile Web project creation, and properly configure the new projects.


TISTUD-1076 - Need to pass in "mobileweb" to when creating new projects Closed TISTUD-1118 - JavaScript validation continues to report a syntax error, even after error is corrected Closed TISTUD-1136 - FileNotFoundException: .../manifest Closed TISTUD-1032 - After importing samples from dashboard, some display that they are from [HEAD] and some display nothing, need to be consistent Closed TISTUD-1093 - Titanium Studio: mobileweb is selected as a deployment target when a new project without mobileweb support is imported into studio after being generated by create Closed TISTUD-1188 - Dashboard : After logging into Ti Studio for the first time an error is presented and dashboard content fails to load until one refreshes the page Closed

Titanium Studio 1.0.8


Projects launched on the iOS simulator and iOS device now correctly use the name of the project from tiapp.xml. However, this may cause a "@ xcode project" error the first time a project is re-run after upgrade. To fix, do Project > Clean on the project in question.

  • Addressed issue where multiple launches of the iOS simulator could cause excessive memory consumption.
  • Fix where a git push might freeze the IDE.
  • Corrected the case where Studio might crash when creating a new mobile project on some versions of Windows.
  • Added new default templates and samples to make development easier and quicker.
  • Please view the Aptana Core Release Notes (version 3.0.8), for information on additional fixes and features included in this build


TISTUD-933 - Rename imported projects Closed TISTUD-936 - Allow user to specify a custom preview server for Mobile Web preview Closed TISTUD-937 - Upgrade MobileWeb deployment wizard to be a little clearer Closed TISTUD-947 - Remember settings in deployment dialog for module Closed TISTUD-979 - Add additional pointers for online documentation to Studio help system Closed TISTUD-985 - Dynamically add Titanium SDK help links into Eclipse help system Closed TISTUD-995 - Add Ks-Nook to titanium_mobile ruble Closed TISTUD-1012 - Change wording for App Store Closed


TISTUD-923 - Titanium Mobile project rebuilds index on every startup Closed TISTUD-935 - When doing a Mobile Web Preview, root web server on /mobileweb build directory Closed TISTUD-948 - Titanium Studio: New Andorid Mobile Module project shows incomplete file list Closed TISTUD-965 - Unable to format minimized jQuery file Closed TISTUD-967 - Changing TiSDK version from 1.8.0 to 1.7.5 in TiApp editor when V8 run time was selected still launches debugger in V8 mode Closed TISTUD-968 - Titanium rubles not correctly being packaged into titanium.core plugin Closed TISTUD-977 - Console: log only displays first line of output Closed TISTUD-991 - Content Assist: for loop does not follow best practice Closed TISTUD-992 - Windows: Crash when attempting to create a new Titanium project Closed TISTUD-996 - Studio should display and log JSON response that is returned along with failed HTTP requests to (40X or 50X errors) Closed TISTUD-1004 - Content assist shouldn't suggest object types Closed TISTUD-1009 - Rss Reader sample shows as connected to Git Closed TISTUD-1016 - Studio: Kitchen Sink iPad included with Linux and windows samples Closed TISTUD-1017 - Ti Studio requires restart to recognize newly-installed iOS SDKs Closed TISTUD-1018 - Repeatedly launching iOS simulator causes system to run out of resources Closed TISTUD-1025 - Dashboard : When creating a new project using the templates section (e.g. Single Window Application), each new project is a tabbed application Closed TISTUD-1027 - Mobile Web: Template support for is limited as some api are not yet available (ie: tab group) Closed TISTUD-1029 - Templates: After packaging for mobile web and opening the index.html file an error is indicated on the file Closed TISTUD-1033 - Importing Kitchen Sink iPad from samples does not show iPad as a deployment target Closed TISTUD-1034 - Studio: Distribute for iOS wording (Distribute - Apple iTunes) could use some improvement Closed TISTUD-1045 - NPE thrown from HerokuDeployProvider Closed TISTUD-1060 - Studio: RSS reader sample has no iphone folder in the project build folder, causing failure on first build attempt Closed TISTUD-1091 - TiStudio: Samples - Project clean does not recognize Geocoder, RSS Reader, and Todo List samples Closed TISTUD-1095 - Kitchen Sink imported from Samples causes and error after compiling to ios device and then to iphone simulator Closed TISTUD-1113 - Studio: KS Sample - Runtime error and leaked window trying to remove event listener without Function instance when clicking back from Platform data Closed

Titanium Studio 1.0.7 (R2)

Hotfix for a few important issues:


TISTUD-986 - OSX Studio Freezes After JavaScript CollapseAll Closed TISTUD-982 - Unable to configure iOS SDK with correct environment Closed TISTUD-967 - Changing TiSDK version from 1.8.0 to 1.7.5 in TiApp editor when V8 run time was selected still launches debugger in V8 mode Closed TISTUD-964 - Titanium Mobile and Titanium Desktop Rubles missing Closed

Titanium Studio 1.0.7

A large release with a number of new features and over 400 bug fixes. This release updates Titanium Studio to Aptana Studio core 3.0.7

  • Support for Titanium Mobile SDK v1.8, include V8 runtime and debugging.
  • A new dashboard. See more information.
  • A module wizard. See more information.
  • Upgrades to support the forthcoming Titanium Mobile SDK v1.8, including support in the tiapp.xml editor for selecting V8 as a runtime, and V8 debugging.
  • Support for the beta version of the Mobile Web platform in Titanium Mobile SDK v1.8.
  • Javascript editor and formatting improvements.

New Features

TISTUD-428 - Allow a ruble to contribute the image for a template Closed TISTUD-570 - Create initial configuration process Closed TISTUD-572 - Enable creation of module projects Closed TISTUD-675 - Add snippets based on Kitchen Sink API examples Closed TISTUD-714 - Add support for listing and importing sample projects through the Dashboard Closed TISTUD-755 - Allow "pre-selection" of template in project wizards Closed TISTUD-764 - Create a dropdown in the tiapp.xml form editor to select an Android runtime Closed


TISTUD-546 - Add iOS SDK location to Titanium Preference page Closed TISTUD-562 - Add Mobile Web packaging wizard success dialog Closed TISTUD-639 - Add titanium.ruble to default Titanium Studio install Closed TISTUD-641 - [TRACE], [INFO] and [DEBUG] colors need tweaking on white themes Closed TISTUD-648 - Update Studio Dashboard page with new configuration options Closed TISTUD-676 - Add more sample projects to Samples view Closed TISTUD-689 - Switch order between selecting a download location and downloading when installing a new Android SDK Closed TISTUD-690 - Check for pre-existing Android SDK install when choosing new install location Closed TISTUD-691 - Check & Instruct user to install a JDK on Windows as part of the setup configuration Closed TISTUD-692 - Auto-create SDK destination folder if it does not already exist Closed TISTUD-693 - Show more visible progress to user when downloading SDK Closed TISTUD-712 - Support Change in mobilesdk structure html5 being renamed to mobileweb Closed TISTUD-748 - Store subscription information in the Titanium user object Closed TISTUD-751 - Add validation filters for common Ti variables and methods Closed TISTUD-767 - Add separator bar between "Install Titanium SDK" and "Check for Updates..." Closed TISTUD-771 - Add version 2.2 as an additional required Android platform Closed TISTUD-776 - Add link to preview the remote OpenShift server Closed TISTUD-801 - Create action to install SDK build from link Closed TISTUD-807 - Add additional error messages for Android SDK preference settings Closed TISTUD-812 - Auto append Studio version and locale to all query strings Closed

JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
TISTUD-874 - Create sample and template-specific icons Closed TISTUD-876 - Provide Windows installation file in a zip archive rather than executable Closed

Fixed Bugs

JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
TISTUD-398 - Opening a .jss file dirties it and invokes errors Closed TISTUD-451 - Failed to run Kitchen Sink on iPhone Simulator Closed TISTUD-453 - Titanium Studio not accept path of Android SDK folder on winxp Closed TISTUD-472 - Changing SDK version and rebuilding iOS project for simulator or device causes error during build. Closed TISTUD-485 - Importing a mobile project as "general" and changing its nature to mobile produces unexpected results. Closed
JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
TISTUD-514 - 'Packaging Failed. Http Status:503' error while packaging a desktop app in Ti Studio Closed TISTUD-517 - Debugging: Expressions window keeps returning the first level over and over again Closed TISTUD-523 - Breakpoints not recognized on files that are required (require(file.js);) Closed TISTUD-532 - Android emulator does not launch from Studio on Windows XP Closed TISTUD-547 - Errors building workspace and rebuilding indices when updating TiStudio Closed TISTUD-556 - A NPE in the console when exiting Titanium Studio Closed TISTUD-557 - User name is not displayed when in offline mode Closed TISTUD-575 - Missing tiapp.xml file can prevent project from showing right-click menu in Project Explorer Closed TISTUD-585 - Unable to select new project in Run Configuration dialog Closed TISTUD-587 - 'Select Distribution Location' is misleading as the final package never gets copied to the specified location Closed TISTUD-590 - Linux Android "Distribute" window default size almost completely hides the "Alias" field label and field. Closed TISTUD-616 - Blackberry simulator dropdown is empty under run configurations Closed TISTUD-622 - Error for creating a project with the same name as an existing project is ignored when you type in other fields Closed TISTUD-627 - Content Assist does not filter results based on what is typed Closed TISTUD-631 - Importing GIT-managed project then issuing "git pull" command resulted in error with misspelled text Closed TISTUD-634 - Store SDK version # in tiapp.xml file Closed TISTUD-640 - Enable "Clone From Git" functionality for Titanium Wizards Closed TISTUD-669 - User should be warned when logging in to Studio with inactive account Closed TISTUD-670 - ClassNotFoundException: com.appcelerator.titanium.update.handler.TitaniumSDKInstallHandler Closed TISTUD-682 - titanium_mobile.ruble bug Closed TISTUD-683 - Remove requirement to set JAVA_HOME on OS X and Linux Closed TISTUD-684 - Configuration tooling should gracefully handle deletion of Android SDK path preference Closed TISTUD-685 - App Store link does not appear to launch "App Store" when invoked from Dashboard Closed TISTUD-688 - Malformed XML in TiApp.xml causes overview to be blank except for multiple errors and unable to run project on device or emulator. Closed TISTUD-700 - Android reporting correct platform not installed because of string comparison Closed TISTUD-703 - java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: AptanaPreferencePage_Auto_Migrate_Projects Closed TISTUD-704 - Android Titanium mobile module wizard showing as active, even though it is missing a component Closed TISTUD-706 - Direct users from Titanium preference page back to Dashboard for SDK configuration Closed TISTUD-710 - Under certain circumstances both Yes and No are checked in the packaging dialog for a desktop app Closed TISTUD-716 - The Titanium Studio icon looks ugly on big screen resolutions Closed TISTUD-717 - Add Titanium Studio version to Diagnostic screen Closed TISTUD-724 - Import doesn't work properly for all projects Closed TISTUD-725 - Launching iOS app with process logging on throws NPE Closed TISTUD-739 - mobileweb: Preview in browser on first try attempts to load /build/html5/index.html, fails on 1.8.0 created project, loads wrong content on existing migrated projects Closed TISTUD-740 - Don't write out missing files in TitaniumProjectPropertyTester as errors to the log file Closed
JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
TISTUD-763 - NPE on Titanium Mobile Project Creation (when using a template) Closed TISTUD-774 - Mobile SDK Configuration needs to handle irregular naming in Google Add-ons Closed TISTUD-778 - Studio could not locate the Android SDK on Windows with Android Tools rev 15, Platform-tools rev 9 Closed TISTUD-781 - Android: SDK - Minimum Android SDK requirement alert is not displayed Closed TISTUD-782 - Fresh download and install of Android SDK via dashboard r15 Toolkit fails Closed TISTUD-784 - Usability: Android Runtime - No indication of default Android Runtimes or how tiapp.xml is supposed to behave Closed TISTUD-790 - Configuration Utility - after the check is complete, text stays in "checking configuration" Closed TISTUD-792 - New Titanium Mobile Project wizard does not autoselect the newest SDK if is available Closed TISTUD-793 - Titanium Studio: Import Titanium Project Wizard - Notification still appears in wizard when project's property is set to V8 Closed TISTUD-795 - Studio: Android runtime selection not persisting through studio quit and relaunch, pull down selector out of sync. Closed TISTUD-799 - Titanium Studio: Launcher - Offline valid user auto-login results in inactive account error when launching studio Closed TISTUD-802 - Titanium Studio: Dashboard - "Reload" context option has no effect if internet was off when dashboard was launched (but is now on). Closed TISTUD-803 - Studio: Launching studio with no network connection results in "inactive account" error Closed TISTUD-808 - Titanium Studio: Installer - Desktop icon image not loaded on install, image does exist in icon properties but must be manually loaded using Windows 7 icon properties. Closed TISTUD-813 - TiStudio: Dashboard: For community users the plan is displaying "unknown" Closed TISTUD-816 - Studio, browser - invoking a browser from dashboard gives the window hide/reveal control over app, dock icon no longer functions as expected Closed TISTUD-836 - Titanium Studio: Templates - New Master/Detail Template project created in Windows XP crashes on launch in Android Closed TISTUD-840 - Dashboard Install or Update Android SDK keeps asking me to install the JDK Closed TISTUD-841 - Titanium Studio: Configuration Utility - Clicking on "Install or Update iOS SDK" button launches the Android installer Closed TISTUD-845 - "release":"true" is set incorrectly when packaging/publishing, so the UpdateManager will not work Closed TISTUD-846 - Packager expects boolean values for 'release' Closed TISTUD-847 - Linux: Dashboard cannot display training videos, and attempting to install flash turns into a a blank browser window Closed TISTUD-848 - Titanium Studio: Dashboard - Templates will go missing after closing the Dashboard tab and reopening TiStudio Closed TISTUD-850 - Titanium Studio: Dashboard - In the Learn tab, "See all videos" link does not do anything Closed TISTUD-851 - Studio: Dashboard - Sample view functions but no sample content available Closed TISTUD-852 - Linux: When an open browser has text fields that require user input, focus cannot be given to the text field Closed TISTUD-853 - Titanium Studio: Dashboard - "Loading components from Marketplace..." does not disappear until you click on Paid, Free, or New link Closed TISTUD-854 - TiStudio: Configuration requires that you have the latest Android SDK and tooling, should not be required Closed TISTUD-855 - Studio: Configuration utility calls android update on linux, but can't determine update is complete Closed TISTUD-856 - Studio: Crash when navigating around in studio browser on linux. Closed TISTUD-858 - Studio: Javascript error, poor browsing performance, endless loading of SDK info Closed TISTUD-859 - Titanium Studio: Dashboard - Placement of tabs in Dashboard does not look the same on Ubuntu 10.04 and 11.10 Closed TISTUD-860 - Titanium Studio: Configuration Utility - A notification still requires the user to get Android 2.1 and 2.2 even if the user's environment is still valid Closed TISTUD-861 - Titanium Studio: Configuration Utility - A notification still requires the user to get Google APIs 7 and 8 even if the user's environment is still valid Closed TISTUD-863 - Clicking on "Update Android SDK" if configuration is correct should open up SDK manager Closed TISTUD-864 - Titanium Studio: Dashboard - In the Learn tab, clicking "See all videos" link twice exits TiStudio on Linux Closed TISTUD-867 - Configuration - rename "Titanium SDK Directory" as "Titanium SDK Home Directory" to differentiate it from mobilesdk and sdk directories Closed TISTUD-868 - Newly created project wizard associates newest, rather than chosen JSCA file with project Closed TISTUD-873 - Portal: SWTException: Invalid thread access Closed TISTUD-879 - Selecting a pre-existing Android SDK folder results in an error Closed TISTUD-880 - Correct "Update Completed" for Android dialog Closed TISTUD-881 - After Android/SDK completes, configuration wizard does not refresh Closed TISTUD-888 - Display "Mobile Web" with "(Beta)" tag Closed TISTUD-889 - Dashboard: Clicking on buttons reloads the page and resets the scroll position Closed TISTUD-890 - Dashboard: Configure page always displays button "Lets get things setup" Closed TISTUD-892 - Titanium Studio: Installer - Upgrade results in invalid install Closed

Titanium Studio 1.0.6

A patch release with a number of features and to update Titanium Studio to Aptana Studio core 3.0.6. Some notable changes:

  • Proxy settings were not preserved in some cases across launches of Studio
  • Performance enhancements to speed up and reduce the frequency of project clean-up and indexing tasks. Projects should no longer auto-clean on startup.
  • Fixes for intermittent content assist behavior
  • Debugger stability improvements

Fixed Bugs

TISTUD-436 - Insufficient Error Message Sent After Expiration Date Closed TISTUD-460 - "JavaScript" Menu is disappeared Closed TISTUD-470 - JavaScript content assist intermittently shows "No Proposals" when there should be proposals available Closed TISTUD-486 - Cannot right-click on a folder in project explorer Closed TISTUD-527 - Desktop SDK 1.0.0 will not run an app through Studio Closed TISTUD-539 - Intermittent debugger fails to connect with Android projects Closed TISTUD-543 - Titanium Studio quit unexpectedly Closed TISTUD-558 - Importing applications for Titanium Desktop doesn't work properly, some fields missing and/or changed on save... Closed TISTUD-560 - When selecting an SDK for a desktop application, the manifest is not updated. Closed TISTUD-576 - Intermittent: Content assist fails to show popups for Ti and Titanium items Closed TISTUD-581 - Getting a "widget is disposed" exception when closing the TiApp.xml editor after creating a new mobile project Closed TISTUD-588 - Turning Fastdev off in tiapp.xml does not terminate Fastdev Closed TISTUD-591 - tiapp.xml modification timestamp changes when TiStudio restarts Closed TISTUD-597 - Install from URL does not extract and maintain symbolic links Closed

JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
TISTUD-614 - 1.0.5 - Project field and browse under run configurations is broken (can not enter text or browse) Closed TISTUD-621 - Launching project in iOS simulator fails on first attempt and is reporting problems encountered deleting resources in other projects Closed TISTUD-626 - Deleting project sometimes results in refactoring error, Undo and Abort buttons have no effect Closed TISTUD-633 - Project -> Clean does not clear out the build folder Closed TISTUD-635 - Launching a Titanium project in simulator/debugger/packager causes entire workspace to rebuild Closed TISTUD-642 - Cleaning project prevents Android emulator from launching application Closed TISTUD-643 - CoffeeScript fails on newline continuation, very slow parsing large files Closed TISTUD-668 - Specifying proxy settings with authentication leads to Titanium splash screen to crash on subsequent launches Closed TISTUD-673 - Application does not show up in aftering being created from Studio 1.0.5 Closed TISTUD-697 - Inconsistent mobile project name passed to android scripts Closed
JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
TISTUD-708 - JS Editor performance has decreased significantly Closed


TISTUD-524 - Only bring Titanium Studio dashboard to front the first launch each day Closed TISTUD-545 - Minor updates to Titanium Mobile Wizard page Closed TISTUD-619 - Code line numbers disabled by default Closed TISTUD-655 - Add Titanium Desktop and Titanium Mobile rubles as default install options in Commands > Bundle Development > Install Bundle command Closed TISTUD-506 - Path to BlackBerry sdk directory does not fill with correct location Closed TISTUD-592 - Titanium Studio should support the -n flag to Closed

Titanium Studio 1.0.5

Internal release.

Titanium Studio 1.0.4

A patch release to fix a number of issues, as well as to sync Titanium Studio back up with the Aptana Studio core. Some notable changes:

  • Faster loading of Studio and documents, with less memory and processor usage.
  • Less indexing of projects.
  • An improved content assist typing experience with better ordering of proposals.
  • Introductory CoffeeScript support.
  • Formatting improvements, in particular the ability to control spaces between items.
  • "New From Template" option now allows users to create untitled files.
  • Updates to JSLint validation.
  • Support for specifying proxy information in the startup splash screen.

Fixed Bugs

TISTUD-53 - Create fragment to externalize references to "Aptana" Closed TISTUD-107 - Update generic file icon from Aptana logo to new look Closed TISTUD-264 - Console colors don't respect theme colors Closed TISTUD-287 - TiStudio cannot be started when behind authenticated proxy because first-time login to Appcelerator cloud cannot be completed Closed TISTUD-344 - search field not updating with new search text on highlight, cmd+F Closed TISTUD-405 - Method tooltip does not use theme color for background Closed

JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
TISTUD-422 - Titanium Studio does not accept path to Android SDK folder Closed TISTUD-432 - [TiSTUD] Tidy validation failure: illegal character Closed TISTUD-443 - All views are in corrupt state at startup Closed TISTUD-445 - java.lang.NullPointerException in com.appcelerator.titanium.usage.AnalyticsEvent.addPostEntry Closed
JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
TISTUD-456 - Studio "Update to SDK available" comes up but is dismissed very quickly during startup on Linux Closed TISTUD-461 - Sdk update - a period occurs when the download progress bar has drawn fully, but does not dismiss. Closed TISTUD-466 - PHP formatting bug with "continue" in certain situations Closed TISTUD-468 - tiapp.xml does not properly encode latin characters Closed TISTUD-473 - Creating a project is always done by executing the latest SDK path and not the one that was selected Closed TISTUD-482 - Unexpected "aptana studio" item in firefox context menu after installing firebug for debugging Closed TISTUD-484 - Apps are being created with creator_user_id NULL Closed TISTUD-487 - Delay Studio SDK check by 30 seconds Closed TISTUD-490 - Debugging properties in the "expression" tab returns "eval(4)" instead of the property actual value Closed TISTUD-496 - Invalid android.simulator events sent to app-track Closed TISTUD-500 - Titanium Studio will not launch after 6th July 2011 update Closed TISTUD-508 - JSLint filters do not properly ignore errors Closed TISTUD-511 - Changing SDK version throws null pointer exception Closed TISTUD-512 - AssertionFailedException in FastDevServer.terminated() Closed TISTUD-519 - For some reason the verbage changed going from Titanium Developer to Titanium Studio Closed TISTUD-520 - Use xcode-select to determine location of installed developer tools on Mac OS X Closed TISTUD-521 - After upgrading to Lion, Studio reports "iOS SDK version 4.2 not found" Closed TISTUD-534 - The full_uninstall.txt file has an outdated link Closed TISTUD-542 - Studio-generated tiapp.xml is not always UTF-8 Closed TISTUD-544 - Content Assist missing in Titanium Mobile projects Closed TISTUD-548 - Adding Titanium Mobile nature to project does not add Titanium Builder Closed TISTUD-549 - The full_uninstall.txt file has a reference to Closed TISTUD-550 - Imported Titanium Mobile sample does not have proper nature or builders attached Closed TISTUD-551 - Remove Aptana Studio icon from Help Menu Closed TISTUD-552 - Studio sample projects fail to import on windows systems Closed TISTUD-553 - Pre-release software License agreement invalidates itself by adding date of expiration that is in the past. Closed TISTUD-554 - StringIndexOutofBoundsException seen in the log after importing Kitchen Sink sample Closed TISTUD-559 - TiApp.xml being generated with new structure for the Android and Modules nodes Closed TISTUD-565 - Two application entries are created on when creating a project offline and running android emulator. Closed TISTUD-566 - Wrong installers are on Closed TISTUD-594 - Project template does not include additional files Closed


TISTUD-294 - Add success feedback (i.e. dialog) after publishing iOS and Android apps Closed TISTUD-497 - Correct index.html of Update Sites to have more attractive styling Closed TISTUD-522 - iOS build error: "No such file or directory" Closed TISTUD-531 - Automatically run Project > Clean when switching SDK versions in tiapp.xml Closed TISTUD-533 - Change default log size to 10Mb Closed

New Feature

TISTUD-13 - Create Project References Property Page Closed TISTUD-317 - Confirm BlackBerry Tooling can install on top of Titanium Studio Closed TISTUD-318 - Add BlackBerry option to Titanium Mobile New Project Wizard Closed TISTUD-319 - Add BlackBerry "Run on Emulator" Closed TISTUD-321 - Add options to configure BlackBerry signing keys in Preferences Closed TISTUD-323 - Add BlackBerry "Install To Device" Closed

JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
TISTUD-348 - Add pings to HTML5 events Closed
JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
TISTUD-421 - Hide user email address at bottom right hand corner of IDE Closed TISTUD-141 - Add Portal "Recently Opened Files" Feature Closed TISTUD-322 - Add option to configure BlackBerry SDK in preferences Closed TISTUD-324 - Add BlackBerry "Package for Distribution" wizard Closed

Titanium Studio 1.0.3

Internal release.

Titanium Studio 1.0.2

This a patch update to fix an issue with the desktop 1.2 release.

Fixed Issues

TISTUD-471 - When selecting an SDK for a desktop application, the manifest is not updated. Closed

Titanium Studio 1.0.1

This a patch update to fix an issue with customers testing Titanium Studio on OS X Lion.

Fixed Issues

TISTUD-444 - Lion, Studio - does not recognize Android sdk set via preferences Closed TISTUD-457 - Current Studio versioning shows 1.0.0.xxxxxx - expecting 1.0.1 Closed

Titanium Studio 1.0

This is the initial release for Titanium Studio. It includes the current 3.0.2 version of Aptana Studio.

Known Issues

These are known issues which currently have a workaround and will be fixed in upcoming releases.

OS X Lion

  • Java is not installed by default on the operating system, but OS X 10.7 should prompt you to install it if it's not already available.
  • OS X Lion Users may need to reset their Titanium SDK location in preferences as a workaround to be able to correctly install Titanium SDKs:

Fixed Issues

Full list of issues that were addressed in 1.0.0 since previous beta

Some notable issues were fixed, including:

TISTUD-417 - Creating a new project in TiStudio does not send the data to the website, the guid is not seen in the server until a compile Closed TISTUD-416 - Quicklinks in startup screen do not work Closed TISTUD-415 - App ID with dash/hyphen - Malformed App Id error Closed TISTUD-413 - TiVerify fails when using Studio Closed

JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
TISTUD-411 - Linux 11.04 - unexpected exception thrown after update Closed
JIRA Issues Macro: Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error
TISTUD-401 - Context menu no longer have delete/copy/move for the projects Closed TISTUD-399 - Debugger alert is referencing it as Aptana Debugger Closed TISTUD-394 - Windows + Linux - importing a project with iOS targets results in iOS targets being shown in deploy and run Closed TISTUD-423 - Validating new app leads to null pointer exception Closed

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