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Amplify CLI
Amplify CLI


The AMPLIFY Amplify CLI pm command allows you to manage, install, and uninstall packages.


Code Block
amplify pm <command> [options]


  • i, install - Installs a specific package

  • ls, list - Lists all installed accounts
  • purge - Removes all non-active packages
  • s, search - Searches registry for packages
  • rm, uninstall - Removes the specified package
  • update - Download updates for installed packages
  • use - Activates a specific package version
  • v, view - Displays info for a specific package

i, install

Installs a package. Multiple versions of the same package may be installed simultaneously. Run the use command (see below) to choose which version is active.


  • --json - Outputs installed package as JSON

ls, list

Displays a list of all installed packages.


  • --json - Outputs accounts as JSON


Uninstall all non-active, managed packages. This is useful after installing a newer version or running the update command. Note that only managed packages, packages that were installed via the AMPLIFY Amplify CLI package manager, will be removed.


  • --json - Outputs purged packages as JSON

s, search

Searches the registry for a package. If no search criteria is specified, every package in the registry is returned.


Available package types include "amplify-cli-plugin" and "central-cli-plugin".

rm, uninstall

Removes a single or all versions of a package.


  • --json - Outputs removed packages as JSON


Checks for package updates, then downloads, installs, and marks them as active.


  • --json - Outputs updated packages as JSON


Activates a specific package version. This is useful when multiple versions of a package are installed.


  • --json - Outputs activated package as JSON

v, view

Displays information about a package from the registry.