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To manage your organization information, select Organization from the User menu. The left navigation includes the following tabs:

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  • Organization
  • Members
  • Teams
  • Child Orgs (you must be an administrator)
  • Usage
  • Activity
  • Settings (you must be an administrator)


Refer to the AMPLIFY Subscription Usage and Reporting guide for details on configuring, reporting, and monitoring usage data for customer-managed on-premise Axway products that you use under subscription agreements.

Viewing organization activities

The Activity tab allows you to filter and see more details about each of the events for your organization.

  1. Sign in to the AMPLIFY Platform.
  2. Click on the User & Org menu and select Organization.
  3. Click the Activity tab from the left navigation.
  4. If you're a member of multiple organizations, select the organization you want to view from the Activity dropdown menu.
  5. Filter your user events by:
    1. Date Range Filter - Filter the events by date and time.
      • Last 3 months (or previous months in 3-month intervals)
      • Last 30 days
      • Last 7 days
      • Last 24 hours
      • Last 60 minutes
      • Custom range
    2. All Event Types Filter - Filter the events by the event type:
      • Org Events
      • Team Events
      • App Events
      • Mobile Backend Services Events
      • Runtime Services Events
    3. Search Box - Type keywords to search by event description or contents.
  6. Click to expand an event to view additional details.

Managing organization settings