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  1. Log into your AMPLIFY Runtime Services account. Your AMPLIFY Runtime Services account username and password are identical to your AMPLIFY Platform account username and password.

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    acs login

    To log into your AMPLIFY Runtime Services cloud, execute the following command.

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    acs login cloud
  2. Publish your application to the AMPLIFY Runtime Services cloud.

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    acs publish <PUBLISHED_APP_NAME> --delete_oldest --force --image <DOCKER_IMAGE_NAME> --app_version 0.1

    Once the publication process is completed, your application will be available on the AMPLIFY Runtime Services cloud.
    Note: It can take up to 10 minutes for your project to be deployed and your APIs to be accessible. If your API is not responding and you run acs logcat and get a port 80 in use error, try setting the PORT to 8080 using:

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    acs config --set PORT=8080

The following variable placeholders are used in this section: