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API Builder3.0.0
Cloud CLI2.0.8
Titanium CLI5.1.0


  • ALOY-1602 - Avoid some global variables to be only available in parent controller
    • Implemented some global variables to be only available in parent controller
  • ALOY-1603 - Update Moment.js to version 2.21.0
    • Updated Moment.js from version 2.16.0 to version 2.20.1
  • ALOY-1609 - Add alloy.js plugin file to .gitignore
    • Added alloy.js file to .gitignore

Fixed issues

  • ALOY-1595 - alloy compile broken on node 9.3.0
  • ALOY-1599 - ALLOY: Model Data binding problem with the first upper case in the model src
  • ALOY-1606 - Android: Debugger not hitting breakpoints on Windows
  • ALOY-1607 - Latest underscore version is breaking removeListener method in BaseController.js
  • CLI-737 - Files are encrypted on first build when building with development deploy type
  • CLI-997 - "appc ti config -r <key>" does not remove the key but instead asks for login
  • CLI-1302 - Error After Add Jailbreak Related Properties
  • CLI-1304 - Android: Adding property encryption policy remote fails the build with java compile error
  • CLI-1305 - Error thrown when an uncaughtException is thrown by the CLI process
  • CLI-1308 - 'appc use' offline doesn't show installed versions
  • CLI-1309 - Include titanium@5.1.0 for CLI is unable to recognise JDK 9 fix
  • CLI-1310 - "appc login" no longer shows account lockout info after multiple failed logins
  • CLI-1311 - Android: Fix/update soasta make app touch testable to work with java 9/10
  • CLI-1312 - Can't start appc daemon with 7.0.3-master.36