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API Builder Tools 2.0.0 - 14 April 2017

Arrow Builder 2API Builder Tools 2.0.0 is a major release that includes several new features, bug fixes, and a few known issues.


  • Previously, arrow included a bundled version of ReactJS for the web route react engine. ReactJS web route engine is no longer bundled with Arrow. It is available from
  • Previously, Arrow used to allow users to access the admin interfaces from machines other than their development machine. Arrow now defaults to only allowing connections from localhost only, however it is possible to add to the whitelisted hostanameshostnames, IPs or IP ranges.
  • Previously, when started by appc run Arrow would watch for changes and restart when it detected a change to certain folders. This feature has been removed and the Arrow app will now only be restarted when making changes from the UI or when the arrow app crashes
  • Previously, models which used the composite connector could not reference "object" and "array" fields which existed on a joined model. The Composite connector now looks at the "name" property on a field definition to mean that the field should come from a field of a specific name on the joined model, rather than returning model as an object field or all matching models as an array field.
  • Previously, when using composite models, the "multiple" property was documented but didn't have any function. All fields which were type of array, and joined from another model would perform a "join as array" and pull in all instances of the joined model. Now that this is fixed, the "multiple" property in the join metadata can be used to specify that a field of type array can contain multiple matches of a single field in a joined model.