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File/Folder NameDescription
apisContains API JavaScript files, used to create custom entry points for the application. For details, see API Builder APIs.
app.jsEntry point to the application if it is used as a server. You can monitor the startup and shutdown sequence.
appc.jsonContains component dependencies and API Runtime Services deployment settings. For details, see API Runtime Configuration.
blocksContains Block JavaScript files, used to create pre- and post-processing filters. For details, see API Builder Blocks.
Contains Codeblock, JSON, and Javascript files, used for defining custom functions for use in Flows.
confContains configuration files in JSON format for the project and required connectors. For details, see Console Configuration.

Contains generated docs for your project's APIs.

Contains Endpoint JSON files, these are OpenAPI 2.0 (Swagger) documents used to create custom entry points for the application, with execution logic defined by linked Flows
Contains Flow JSON files, used for defining business logic for Endpoints.
index.jsEntry point to the application if it is used as a module.
logsContains generated log files when running your project locally.
modelsContains Model JavaScript files, used to define the schema for your data. For details, see Models.
node_modulesContains project dependencies. API Builder automatically installs any project dependencies declared in the package.json file.
nodesContains custom flow-nodes for use in Flows. Flow-nodes must be Node.js packages in their own folders named nodehandler-*.
package.jsonNPM configuration file to declare project dependencies and other build or runtime configurations. For details, see NodeJS Configuration.
package-lock.jsonNPM configuration file that is generated when NPM modifies either the node_modules tree, or the package.json file. It describes the exact tree that was generated, so that subsequent installs are able to generate identical trees, regardless of intermediate dependency updates. The npm shrinkwrap command repurposes the package-lock.json file into a publishable npm-shrinkwrap.json file. For additional information on shrink wrapping a serviceproject, refer to npm shrinkwrap.
serviceconnectorsContains installed service connectors used within Flows for connecting to and interacting with external services.
webContains Web files, used to create endpoints that render UI.
web/publicContains static assets, such as CSS, HTML, image, or JavaScript files, for your Web interface.
web/routesContains Route JavaScript files, used to define the API endpoint and logic for your Web interface.
web/viewsContains template files for your Web interface. Files must have one of the following extensions: ejs, hbs, md or jsx.