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Comment: Updated Composing a new model


To compose a new model using the GUI:

      Click on the 
    Image Removed cog icon at

      CogImage Added

        icon at the end of the row for the model you wish to compose and select Compose select Compose into new.
      1. Enter in the (required) and a description.
      2. In the Composite Model page, you can edit can edit the name of the composite and composite and modify the fields (as needed). If you want to rename the composite, click the pencil icon and fill in the fields of the Composite Model modal window as necessary. Click Update when you have finished.
      3. If you wish to modify the fields of this new composite, click the Image Removed pencil icon at the Pencil Image Added icon at the end of the row for the field in question.
      4. Fill in the various fields and check the Read-only or Required check boxes as necessary. Click Update Field once Click Update Field once you have finished.
      5. When you are done making any modifications, click the Next buttonthe Next button.
      6. Enable or disable any auto-generated API endpoints as you see fit.
      7. Modify the Singular and Plural fields as necessary.
      8. Click Save to Click Save to commit your new composite model.