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The content on page is for the beta release of API Builder 1.10.0. You may find some information is either missing, incomplete , or in general draft state.


API Builder lets you build and deploy a project that is comprised of API endpoints that can be consumed by any client application. An API Builder project is a Node.js application that runs in the Arrow Cloud and is comprised of several components. You can either define the components using JavaScript files placed in specific directories, which are automatically loaded when creating an API Builder instance, or instance or programmatically create components after initializing an API Builder instance. For information about the components, see the diagram and sections below.


API Builder Models provide a standardized interface for an application which allow allows client applications to access data. Models are either provided by a connector, reduced from an existing model, or composed of several models (composite models) using a left or inner an inner join operation.


API Builder APIs are custom endpoints that allow you to programmatically access and execute custom operations on model data. You can create an API if you want to execute an operation not exposed by the standardized interface.