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  • The last screen of the Build (model) replaces the Next button with a Save button that saves your project.
  • The field type of complextype complexity has been added to the acceptable field types for the Salesforce Connector.
  • Port 80 is now the default port in client SDKs.


  • Fixed issue with logging out and running an Arrow project that throws the error message of "Uncaught Exception Unexpected token u"
  • Arrow apps no longer exit with non-zero code upon error
  • Updated the link in the local admin "appc.arrowdb/photo" page to point to the correct documentation
  • Fixed issue where reduced ArrowDB model/API doesn't return any data
  • Fixed issue with installing appc.mongo with Node 4.2.1 (error message: "Cannot find module '../build/Release/bson")
  • You can now connect multiple Salesforce instances
  • If you install Appc CLI Core on Windows, the install does not break on bufferutilsthe buffer utils
  • Creating empty connector projects no longer fails with "logger.trace is not a function"
  • Fixed bug with the Data Editor page will not display any data for a published Arrow app
  • Fixed issue on preprod where you can pass "undefined" as the API key when making an API call to a published app. The curl call will no longer succeed and you need to pass in your production API key instead.
  • Fixed bug when you use Arrow SDK with Alloy and receive the runtime error of "Can't find variable: CacheElseNetwork"