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About This Release

Titanium SDK 5.2.0.RC is a minor release of the SDK, addressing high-priority issues from previous releases.

Installing 5.2.0.RC for Appcelerator Studio

To install this update, launch Appcelerator Studio. In the menu Preferences, go to Studio > Updates. From there, choose Release Candidate Build. It will install the updates. After installing the updates in Studio, you will need to execute the following commands to complete the installation of the update:

Code Block
$ [sudo] npm install -g appcelerator@4.2.3-2
$ appc use 5.2.0-265

If you wish to install the updates via the command line, execute these commands:

Code Block
$ appc ti sdk install -d 5.2.0.v20160216202526 -b 5_2_X
$ [sudo] npm install -g appcelerator@4.2.3-2
$ appc use 5.2.0-265


New Features

This section describes new features introduced in Release 5.2.0.RC.

Android Platform

This section lists new features and improvements only available on the Android platform.

Additional Type Support for IntentProxy

5.2.0 now added additional type support for IntentProxy (supporting only Java primitives). Creating a shortcut requires an intent and an image to be set.

Google Maps

Street View panorama for Google Maps Android API v2 has been implemented. Follow the instructions to add the module to your project and try it out with the following test code:

Code Block
// Add in the module
var MapModule = require('');
var win = Ti.UI.createWindow({backgroundColor: 'white'});

var street = MapModule.createStreetViewPanorama({
	position: {latitude:1.281581286057009, longitude:103.8641372560966}


Hide Soft Navigation Bar

During the launching of an app, you can hide the navigation bar however, there are two caveats that you should be aware of:

  1. When you tap the screen, the navigation bar returns
  2. This setting affects all activities and windows in Android when you set the property Fullscreen to true.

To try this feature out, set this property in the TiApp.xml to true:

Code Block

iOS Platform

This section lists new features and improvements only available on the iOS platform.

New iOS9 Features

  • Support included for iOS9's 3D-Touch property and events. Properties supported include

    • force: the force of the touch where the value of 1.0 represents the force of an average touch (predetermined by the system and is not user-specific). This property is read-only.
    • maximumPossibleForce: The value of this property is sufficently high to provide a wide dynamic range for values of the force property.
  • Support for iOS9's "Continue" button and fallback for older devices as well as support for Twitter and WebSearch keyboards.

New iOS9.1 Features

  • Support for PHLivePhoto and PHLivePhotoView via the Ti.Media.openPhotoGallery() method and display live photos via Ti.UI.iOS.LivePhoto.
  • Full coverage for Apple Pencil APIs including force, maximumPossibleForce, timestamp and altitudeAngle.

Storyboard-based Launch Screen

When building a new app, you won't have to do anything other than build your app to take advantage of the storyboard-based launch screen. There is a default LaunchScreen.storyboard that ships with Titanium. It is a simple white background with a centered ImageView. It uses an image set called LaunchLogo from the asset catalog. Existing apps will have to enable this manually by adding the following to the <ios> section fo the tiapp.xml:

Code Block

By default, this property is set to true so that all new projects have the storyboard launch screen enabled.


Launch Logo

By default, it will generate LaunchLogos based on the LaunchLogo.png. If LaunchLogo.png doesn't exists, it will fall back to either DefaultIcon-ios.png or DefaultIcon.png. You can manually create them in the Resources/iphone (app/assets/iphone for Alloy) directory if you like. The following tables lists the different filenames and sizes:

FilenameDevicesScaleRecommended Size
LaunchLogo~iphone.pngiPhone 3G and older1x320x320
LaunchLogo@2x~iphone.pngiPhone 4, 4s 5, 5s, 6, 6s2x374x374
LaunchLogo@3x~iphone.pngiPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus3x621x621
LaunchLogo~ipad.pngiPad 1, 2, Mini 11x384x384
LaunchLogo@2x~ipad.pngiPad 3, 4, Air, Air 2, Mini 2, 3, 42x1024x1024

Since the ImageView is constrained to 50% of the device width, these dimensions are based on the width of each device per scale divided by 2.

Any missing images will be generated from the DefaultIcon.png. If DefaultIcon.png doesn't exist, the missing images will be copied from TiSDK which is just a black Ti logo on a white background.


Background Color

By default, the launch screen's background color is white. However, the LaunchLogo may look better against some other background color. You can specify the default background color in the tiapp.xml's <ios> section:

Code Block

The default-background-color must be either a 3 or 6 character RGB hex value. Note: the # is optional for this hex value.

This will change the background color of the storyboard launch screen (defaults to white) as well as the root view controller (defaults to white when you use a storyboard, black otherwise). This causes a noticeable rendering artifact where the screen dims for a frame or two on launch. However, after this change, the root view controller will have the same background color and the transition should look much better. It is worth noting that the default-background-color property is applied regardless of whether or not you are using a storyboard launch screen. It also has no effect if the app.js immediately calls Titanium.UI.setBackgroundColor('#000'); as is the case when running the default 2 tab app.


Overriding The Default LaunchScreen.storyboard

You can override the default  LaunchScreen.storyboard  by placing a custom version of this file in the  platformplatform/ios  or  platformplatform/iphone  directories. If a custom launch screen storyboard is present, then it will NOT attempt to copy or generate LaunchLogos or change the storyboard's background color. Custom LaunchScreen.storyboard files will need to be authored in Xcode and then manually copied into the  platform/ios  directory. Custom storyboard asset support is possible but difficult. You can put a PNG in the  Resources/ios  ( app/assets/ios  for Alloy) directory and reference it from your storyboard file (with app thinning disabled). However,

if you

if you enable app thinning, then any images in  platform/ios  will get converted into an asset catalog,

 and the

 and the asset imageset's name would be a SHA so in this case you have to reference the images using their respective SHA.

Custom LaunchScreen.storyboard files will need to be authored in Xcode and then manually copied into the platform/ios directory. Custom storyboard asset support is possible but difficult. You can put a PNG in the Resources/ios (app/assets/ios for Alloy) directory but then it will need to be converted into an asset but that is only performed if app thinning is enabled. You could put a PNG into platform/ios directory but it would be copied to the build/iphone directory and won't actually be bundled into the app. If you enable app thinning, then any images in platform/ios will get converted into an asset catalog which your storyboard could reference. However, the asset imageset's name would be a SHA and would be cumbersome to work with.

Enabling Split/Slide View

With the addition of the launchScreen.storyboard features, you can now enable the split and slide views. To enable this features, follow these steps:

  1. In tiapp.xml , set the following properties:
    • Code Block
  2. Run appc run -p ios -F ipad .
  3. While the app is running, press Home.
  4. Open Contacts or Map.
  5. Slide from right edge. You should see the Titanium app.
  6. Open the Titanium app. It will show up as a slide view.
  7. If you turn your device to landscape and repeat from step #5, you can drag the divider to see it in split view.

Miscellaneous iOS Features

  • Scroll event for  Titanium.UI.ScrollView now sends the contentSize property to scroll event.
  • Added support for UIMenuController. A menu popup provides the ability to create custom tooltip options using the items property covering the native UIMenuController class.
  • Introduced dragstart and dragend (just like scrollview) for listview in this release. Dragstart fires when the user starts dragging a list view. Dragend fires when the user stops dragging the list view.
  • UIEdgeInsets allows for the repositioning of an image inside a tab when it has no title text. This method allows you to pass absolute values for image insets and properly realign images inside the tab.
    • Demo:
    • Code Block
      var tabGroup = Titanium.UI.createTabGroup();
      var win1 = Titanium.UI.createWindow();
      var tab1 = Titanium.UI.createTab({
      	window: win1,
      	iconInsets: {
      var win2 = Titanium.UI.createWindow();
      var tab2 = Titanium.UI.createTab({
      	window: win2,
      	title: "Test"
  • Added Swift versions of the applewatch templates so you have a choice of watchos2-swift (Swift and new default) and watchos2-objc (Obj-C).
  • Support for contact icons.
  • Ti.iPad.Popover now supports popover's backgroundColor property.

Community Credits

The following Appcelerator Community members contributed PRs that were included in this release:


Fixed Issues

This release includes 90 bug fixes.

  • CLI-921: Appc alloy -v returns error
  • MOD-1827 - TiCloud: Logout - Logout method does not recognize device_token parameter
  • MOD-2149 - EncryptedDatabase: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "EVP_CipherFinal"
  • MOD-2154 - ti.inappbilling: Does not work with Android 5.0
  • MOD-2156 - SafariDialog: opened and supported should be read-only
  • MOD-2163 - Android: Ti.Compression, app crashes right after launching with this module
  • MOD-2166 - Android: Ti.ImageFactory crash on Android 6.0 with latest SDK
  • MOD-2167 - Android: ti.paint crash on Android 6.0 with latest SDK
  • MOD-2171 - Annotations crash on iOS 9
  • MOD-2191 - Ti.SafariDialog: URL's containing # do not work
  • TIMOB-5817 - Android: keyboard type set as number pad permits input of non-numeric values
  • TIMOB-16355 - iOS: separatorInsets should not be used for header/section titles
  • TIMOB-18132 - Android: App Crashes with CalledFromWrongThreadException opening DatePicker after typing in a tf
  • TIMOB-18168 - iOS: Module - Cannot build 32-bit module urlSession and coremotion with SDK 3.5.0
  • TIMOB-18926 - iOS: Calendar events status shows wrong status number or null
  • TIMOB-19103 - Windows Phone: Lots of scary warnings in successful build of default app
  • TIMOB-19138 - Windows: DefaultLanguage property should be set (to "en") in manifest
  • TIMOB-19206 - Android: Encrypted Database: Not being able to read installed database
  • TIMOB-19234 - iOS debugger connection refused with SDKs 3.5.0 and 3.5.1
  • TIMOB-19383 - iOS9: Upgrade Facebook module to facebook 4.7.0
  • TIMOB-19386 - iOS9: Upgrade coremotion module to support bitcode, rewrite code base
  • TIMOB-19529 - Validation of workspace-dir option always uses default workspace
  • TIMOB-19566 - Ti.Locale.currentLanguage returns locale on iOS 9
  • TIMOB-19567 - Last change made after useractivitywillsave does not make it to other device
  • TIMOB-19597 - Android: Add previewRect (height, width) to camera callback
  • TIMOB-19633 - iOS: AUDIO_SESSION_CATEGORY_AMBIENT stops background music
  • TIMOB-19650 - Windows: Builder.createAppIconSet ignores existing assets
  • TIMOB-19663 - Windows: Missing .apiName properties
  • TIMOB-19725 - iOS: Toggled action buttons display over keyboard
  • TIMOB-19737 - Error when selecting an iOS certificate without provisioning profiles
  • TIMOB-19755 - Ti.Media calls break app
  • TIMOB-19767 - iOS: toImage does not honor the scale factor for retina devices
  • TIMOB-19779 - Android orientations on orientationchange not providing accurate results in some Android Tablets
  • TIMOB-19799 - iOS: ioslib: TypeError: Cannot read property 'sort' of undefined
  • TIMOB-19807 - KitchenSink: Control->Buttons.Image is positioned on top of the label and can't be resized.
  • TIMOB-19808 - KitchenSink: BasicUi->Views->ScrollViews->Many on screen causes app to freeze
  • TIMOB-19823 - Android: ConcurrentModificationException at TiListView
  • TIMOB-19836 - Windows: Missing properties for TitaniumKit Proxy
  • TIMOB-19837 - Windows: Missing TitaniumKit View properties
  • TIMOB-19838 - Windows: Fix Jenkins Windows SDK PR Build
  • TIMOB-19846 - Android fix documentation errors in activity transition.
  • TIMOB-19884 - iOS: Debug crash when setting breakpoint in alloy model response
  • TIMOB-19916 - Android: HTTPClient ondatastream method responseText is empty for Android
  • TIMOB-19921 - Windows: Implement missing View properties
  • TIMOB-19925 - Windows: Implement Ti.App.Properties "change" event
  • TIMOB-19927 - Windows: Implement Blob.width and height
  • TIMOB-19929 - Windows: Implement Ti.Filesystem.File.append
  • TIMOB-19930 - Windows: Implement Ti.Filesystem.File.deleteDirectory
  • TIMOB-19939 - keyboardType should not list KEYBOARD_APPEARANCE_* constants
  • TIMOB-19947 - Windows: Implement Titanium.UI.AttributedString
  • TIMOB-19952 - Windows: Image support for Ti.UI.Button
  • TIMOB-19953 - Windows: Button only supports "click" event
  • TIMOB-19955 - Windows: Label only supports "click" event
  • TIMOB-19963 - Windows: "return" and "change" event for Titanium.UI.TextArea
  • TIMOB-19968 - Changing use-app-thinning does not force rebuild
  • TIMOB-20004 - iOS: Differences between new permission request responses
  • TIMOB-20018 - iOS: Ti.App.fireEvent from webView is not working
  • TIMOB-20028 - iOS: Layout fails on iOS8 with iOS9-only Picker height set
  • TIMOB-20036 - Android: HttpClient.abort() on andorid throw errors if the request is just created
  • TIMOB-20038 - Android: TableView crashes when scrolling more than 29 rows
  • TIMOB-20072 - iOS: Ti.Media.saveToPhotoGallery does not call back for unsupported mime types
  • TIMOB-20078 - Windows: Ti.UI.TextArea selected event doesn't work
  • TIMOB-20089 - Android: setting a view layout to null crashes the app
  • TIMOB-20108 - App sometimes crashes on resume
  • TIMOB-20113 - Android: Rounded view is not being shown if its size more than screen size
  • TIMOB-20130 - SDK no longer finds Genymotion after upgrade to 2.6.0
  • TIMOB-20138 - Consecutive calls to ScrollableView.setViews causes the app to become unresponsive
  • TIMOB-20172 - Windows 10: Cannot package for the phonestore or winstore
  • TIMOB-20192 - [Windows Phone 8.1] Certification reject - This API is not supported for this application type - Api=OutputDebugStringA. Module=api-ms-win-core-debug-l1-1-1.dll
  • TIMOB-20196 - iOS: on ScrollableView is not possible to change views
  • TIMOB-20197 - Windows: Phone App crashes after Splash Screen
  • TIMOB-20199 - iOS: Views disappear from ScrollableView on change
  • TIMOB-20213 - iOS: app crash when closing the active window while searchbar in listview is focused
  • TIMOB-20217 - iOS: Ti.Geolocation.hasGeolocationPermission() and Ti.Geolocation.getCurrentPosition() are not working on IOS 7
  • TIMOB-20233 - ti.SafariDialog module folder exists outside the modules/iphone folder in the titanium folder along with rogue _MACOSX folder after installing SDK 5.2.0.v20160111111831
  • TIMOB-20234 - Streaming Audio not working on Android Marshmallow with Alloy
  • TIMOB-20238 - Build Server Zip files to not unzip on download or Finder
  • TIMOB-20251 - Android 6.0: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)
  • TIMOB-20252 - Windows: Windows 10 SDK is not detected
  • TIMOB-20260 - Android 6: CameraView with overlay crash with message "AppName is not responding"
  • TIMOB-20265 - Android: Ti.UI.View "borderRadius" property not working on android 4.4.2 & 4.2.2
  • TIMOB-20274 - Hyperloop: Plugin fails if the source does not contain HL references
  • TIMOB-20283 - Facebook iOS Module 5.0.0 crashes on resume on iOS 8.4
  • TIMOB-20298 - Classic Titanium app with tabs crashes when closed on iOS
  • TIMOB-20299 - Windows: Build errors out with 'mix is not a function'
  • TIMOB-20368 - Docs: Ti.UI.KEYBOARD_TYPE_* "since" incorrect
  • TIMOB-20389 - iOS: Listview delete event sends wrong itemId
  • TIMOB-20393 - iOS: Launch Image Set leaves out required sizes if no (>=8.0) minimum iOS version is set
  • TIMOB-20400 - WWDR certificate can not be found in keychain other than system
  • TIMOB-20410 - Android: Adding view as a customView to an annotation in maps crashes the app


This release includes 21 improvements.

  • TIMOB-16547 - iOS: Add ability to set color and backgroundColor for Picker control
    • The hardcoded background color (white) of the Picker control can now be set through the Ti Picker control.
  • TIMOB-16865 - Android / MobileWeb: Unable to remove the TableView row separators even if the color is set to transparent
    • Android and MobileWeb now allows for the removal of TableView row separators when color is set to transparent.

  • TIMOB-19185 - Liveview: Update liveview to work with Windows Platform
    • Liveview now works when building Windows Platform by passing the --liveview flag
  • TIMOB-19194 - Ti.Android.Intent: Ability to send multiple URI to an intent
    • Ti.Android.Intent allows you to send multiple URI to an intent.
  • TIMOB-19452 - Extensions should default to the app's provisioning profile if not set
    • If extension provisioning profile is not set up, the CLI will use the application provision profile.
  • TIMOB-19512 - iOS build: ensure app icons are 24-bit (no transparency)
    • Since iOS apps cannot use app icons with an alpha channel, any builds attempting to use icons with alpha channels will have the alpha channel stripped from the image.
  • TIMOB-19577 - Android: Update Facebook Module to support Facebook SDK 4.7.0
    • Facebook Module for Android now supports Facebook SDK 4.7.0
  • TIMOB-19580: Custom activity transition
    • You can specify custom animations in material design app’s enter and exit (content) transitions and for transitions shared elements between activities.
  • TIMOB-19726 - Android: Refactor map module to remove deprecated method getMap()
    • Android developers should use getMapAsync() method instead of the deprecated getMap() method
  • TIMOB-19759 - iOS: Parity: tab listeners
    • Event listeners for iOS's TabGroup selected and unselected have been deprecated in favor of focus
  • TIMOB-19825 - Android module build should support AIDL files
    • Android module builds now support AIDL files
  • TIMOB-19828 - Ti.SDK 5.2.0 supports Node.js 5.0
    • Ti.SDK 5.2.0 supports Node.js 5.0
  • TIMOB-19829 - iOS: Add trackTintColor to Ti.UI.ProgressBar
    • Ti.UI.ProgressBar on iOS supports coloring options for active progress
  • TIMOB-19940 - Add *appearance-properties to AlertDialog
    • Deprecated *appearance property in favor for keyboardApperance
  • TIMOB-19948 - Windows: Use font cache for TextArea and Button
    • Font cache has been extended to TextArea and Button
  • TIMOB-20000 - Rename appearance properties to keyboardAppearance
    • Added keyboardAppearance for searchBar, textArea, textField, and textWidget
    • Also deprecated all the constants (Keyboard_Default and Keyboard_Type_Default)
  • TIMOB-20005 - Line up *Authorization properties
    • Renamed Ti.Calendar.eventsAuthorization to calendarAuthorization
    • Renamed Ti.Media.cameraAuthorizationStatus to cameraAuthorization
  • TIMOB-20059 - iOS: 'person' property in Ti.Contacts.showContacts is empty
    • The callback event for both selectedProperty and selectedPerson of Ti.Contacts.showContacts no longer returns an empty value for the person property
  • TIMOB-20098 - Windows: Update bundled cmake to 3.4.1
    • Updated cmake to 3.4.1 for some Windows 10 related fixes and improvements

API Changes

New APIs

The following APIs are new or have expanded platform support in Release 5.2.0.RC.


Returns an authorization constant indicating if the application has access to the events in the EventKit. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Gets the value of the Titanium.Calendar.calendarAuthorization property. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Constant specifying that app is not yet authorized to use camera. This is available on iOS7 and later. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Media type constant for live photo media. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Returns the authorization status for the camera. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Gets the value of the Titanium.Media.cameraAuthorization property. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Gets the value of the Titanium.UI.AlertDialog.keyboardAppearance property. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Keyboard appearance to be displayed when the text field inside the dialog is focused. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Sets the value of the Titanium.UI.AlertDialog.keyboardAppearance property. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Captures layout bounds of target views before and after the scene change and animates those changes during the transition. (New API, supported on Android.)


Captures the clip bounds before and after the scene change and animates those changes during the transition. (New API, supported on Android.)


Captures an ImageView's matrix before and after the scene change and animates it during the transition. (New API, supported on Android.)


Captures scale and rotation for Views before and after the scene change and animates those changes during the transition. (New API, supported on Android.)


Moves views in or out from the edges of the scene. (New API, supported on Android.)


Fades in the views. (New API, supported on Android.)


Fades out the views. (New API, supported on Android.)


Resets transition to platform default. (New API, supported on Android.)


Moves views to bottom. (New API, supported on Android.)


Moves views to left. (New API, supported on Android.)


Moves views to right. (New API, supported on Android.)


Moves views to top. (New API, supported on Android.)


Use the platform-specific dark keyboard appearance. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Use the platform-specific light keyboard appearance. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Use a keyboard optimized for twitter text entry, with easy access to the @ and (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Use a keyboard optimized for web search terms and URL entry. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Specifies if the item can be inserted by a user initiated action. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Fired when the user stops dragging the list view. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Fired when the user starts dragging the list view. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Gets the value of the Titanium.UI.ProgressBar.trackTintColor property. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Sets the value of the Titanium.UI.ProgressBar.trackTintColor property. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


The color shown for the portion of the progress bar that is not filled. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Set the return key text to "Continue". (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Gets the value of the Titanium.UI.SearchBar.keyboardAppearance property. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Determines the appearance of the keyboard to be displayed the field is focused. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Sets the value of the Titanium.UI.SearchBar.keyboardAppearance property. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


The row divider is hidden. (New API, supported on Android, iPhone and iPad.)


The row divider is shown as a single line. (New API, supported on Android, iPhone and iPad.)


Gets the value of the Titanium.UI.Tab.iconInsets property. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


The icon inset or outset for each edge. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Sets the value of the Titanium.UI.Tab.iconInsets property. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Gets the value of the Titanium.UI.TableView.maxClassname property. (New API, supported on Android.)


Max number of row class names. (New API, supported on Android.)


Sets the value of the Titanium.UI.TableView.maxClassname property. (New API, supported on Android.)


Gets the value of the Titanium.UI.TextField.inputType property. (New API, supported on Android.)


Input type to accept in thetext field. Also influences the Keyboard type to display. (New API, supported on Android.)


Sets the value of the Titanium.UI.TextField.inputType property. (New API, supported on Android.)


Adds a common UI element to participate in window transition animation. (New API, supported on Android.)


Gets the value of the Titanium.UI.Window.swipeToClose property. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Clears all added shared elements. (New API, supported on Android.)


Sets the value of the Titanium.UI.Window.swipeToClose property. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Boolean value indicating if the user should be able to close a window using a swipe gesture. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Plays back the entire motion and sound content of the Live Photo, including transition effects at the start and end. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Plays back only a brief section of the motion content of the Live Photo, without sound. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


A view to display a Live Photo object introduced in iOS 9.1. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Creates and returns an instance of Titanium.UI.iOS.LivePhotoView. (New API, supported on iPhone and iPad.)


Sets the background color of the popover. (New API, supported on iPad.)


Gets the value of the Titanium.UI.iPad.Popover.backgroundColor property. (New API, supported on iPad.)


Sets the value of the Titanium.UI.iPad.Popover.backgroundColor property. (New API, supported on iPad.)

Deprecated APIs

The following APIs are deprecated in Release 5.2.0.RC.


set property needsSave to true everytime you update current activity state instead.




Use calendarAuthorization instead.


Use calendarAuthorization instead.




Use cameraAuthorization instead.


Use cameraAuthorization instead.




















Use unselected instead.


Use selected instead.


Use focus instead.


Use blur instead.


Use keyboardAppearance instead


Use keyboardAppearance instead


Use keyboardAppearance instead


Use keyboardAppearance instead.


Use keyboardAppearance instead.


Use keyboardAppearance instead.

Known Issues

iOS Launch Logo Caching Issue

Launch logo updates are not reflected when rebuilding the app. iOS caches launch screens to a PNG file that appears to only be invalidated by restarting the iOS. The following changes have no effect: uninstalling the app, cleaning the Titanium app and rebuilding, and removing the cached image from the hard drive. Upon installing the updated app, it writes a new PNG file to cache of the old launch screen. It appears iOS keeps the cached launch screen in memory despite the app is not running. The only way to show the updated launch logo is to restart the simulator and/or device. Users should see a warning about this issue.

iOS9.1 PHLivePhoto and PHLivePhotoView

Currently it is not possible to capture a new live photo but only select an existing one.