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  admin: {
    // control whether the admin website is available
    enabled: true,

    // the prefix to the admin website
    prefix: '/arrow',

    // the prefix for the public apidocs website
    apiDocPrefix: '/apidoc',

    // if you set disableAuth, in production only your API docs will show up
    disableAuth: false,

    // if you set disableAPIDoc, you APIs docs will not show up (regardless of disableAuth)
    disableAPIDoc: false,
    // set to true to allow the admin website to be accessed in production. however, you will still need a
    // login unless disableAuth is false. if you set this to false, the admin website will not be enabled
    // when in production (still respects enabled above)
    enableAdminInProduction: true,

    // set the email addresses you want to enable while in production
    validEmails: ["jsmith@foo.com"],

    // set the organization ids you want to enable while in production
    validOrgs: [199546299]
    // custom error page for unauthorized access (HTTP 401 error code)
    customHTMLErrorPage: '<p>No, no, no...</p>',

    // set the list of IP addresses, IP ranges and hostnames from which connections to the admin interfaces 
    // will be accepted
    allowedHosts: [

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