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Note that if an application is not listening on port 80, use acs config --set PORT=customport to make publish work. Also, note that publishing an application now supports publishing Docker images directly.

Code Block
acs publish [-d | --dir <application-directory> ] [ --list_versions ] [ --set_active_version <version>] [ --delete_oldest ] [--git <options|config_file>] [ --force ] [-h | --help] [options] [npm_username] ,[npm_password],[appname]

--d, --dir



Specifies the directory of the application to publish. When omitted, the command must be run from the application directory.
--forceRequired when publishing a version of an application that's already been published.

Requires CLI Version 1.0.24 or greater. Publish a Github repo. Pass in the following comma-delimited options or in a configuration file in JSON format:

repotrueURL of the Git repo.
branchfalseBranch to use.
access_tokenfalsePersonal access token generated by Github.
usernamefalseGithub username if the repo is private.
passwordfalseGithub password if the repo is private.
--list_versionsList all published versions of the application, and the version deployed currently if any.
--set_active_version <version>Set the currently deployed and active version of the application to version.
NPM repository credentials if you are using dependencies from a private NPM repository.
--org <ORG_ID>The ID of the organization the application belongs to. You only need to this parameter if you have published an application with the same name to multiple organizations.
--set_active_version <VERSION> Set the currently deployed and active version of the application to version.--delete_oldestDelete the oldest version if published versions reached the max number of versions (10).
-h--helpShow help information for this command.