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  • Appcelerator Studio and Appcelerator CLI: tools to create and develop your mobile and cloud applications.
  • Alloy Framework and the Titanium SDK: an MVC framework and cross-platform SDK to help you rapidly develop mobile applications from a single code base.
  • Appcelerator ArrowAxway API Builder: an opinionated framework to build and deploy APIs to the cloud that can be consumed by multiple clients.
  • Appcelerator Dashboard: a web portal used to monitor your application's heath and usage.  This dashboard is aimed for technical users.
  • Appcelerator Platform Services: set of features that includes free analytics services, and the performance management and automated testing services, which require an Enterprise subscription.
  • Appcelerator Insights: an application used to monitor your application's metrics, which requires a Team subscription.  This application is aim for business users.


  • Operating System: a recent version of Windows, Mac OS X or Ubuntu
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM (available memory, rather than total memory)
  • Java Runtime: Oracle JDK (no other brand of Java is suitable)
  • Node.js: required for the Titanium command-line tools like the CLI, Alloy and Node.ACS.
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For Mac OS X and Windows systems, Studio guides your through the process of installing the Oracle JDK and Node.js. For more details, see Prerequisites.