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  • API Builder APIs can be defined in two ways:
    • Programmatically: Defined in Javascript via the Arrow API. These are custom endpoints that allow you to access and execute custom operations on data.
    • Configuration: Defined as Swagger 2.0 document. These are files which describe and document RESTful APIs which are composed of one or more Endpointsendpoints.
  • API Builder Blocks are filters that allow you to pre- or post-process data.
  • API Builder Codeblocks are nodes which can be used within Flows to implement advanced business logic not possible through the configuration of supplied nodes alone.nodes alone
  • API Builder Connectors are adaptors to allow you read and write data to and from an external data source, such as ArrowDB, MySQL, Salesforce, and MongoDB, or in server memory.
  • API Builder Endpoints are endpoints as described by a configuration-based API.
  • API Builder Flows are graphs of pre-defined nodes which are used to implement the business logic of an Endpoint.endpoint
  • API Builder Models are structured data with predefined API endpoints to access them.
  • API Builder Web is a framework to create endpoints that render UI for HTML applications.

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