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Analytics Tab

The Analytics tab lets you view detailed analytics for each application. The Analytics tab contains several sub-tabs to view different metric categories and create event funnels. Each sub-tab is explained below.


The Real-Time section displays the number of currently active sessions, as well as the number of installs, sessions, and the average session length over the last hour. Note that all times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Active SessionsUsers displays the current number of people using your application at a specific moment, and an animated graph shows the number of sessions over time.  Each bar in the graph represents one second, and its height corresponds to the number of sessions at that moment. A short black bar appears every 20 seconds, and a tall black bar appears every time the y-axis of the chart was re-evaluated.

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Installs - Displays the number of application installs over the past hour by platform type and geography.

Sessions - Displays the number of application sessions that were completed in the past hour for each platform and by geography.

Avg. Session Length Events - Displays the average session length by platform events over the past hour.

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Installs Tab

The Users The Installs tab displays the number of installs of the application by platform, application version, and geography location for the selected time period and environment. It also  

Unique Devices Tab

The Unique Devices tab displays the maximum number of unique devices by platform and application version. The maximum unique devices provides you with a measure of the number of real users using your application, normalized for the fact that some users may use the application multiple times a day.

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Sessions Tab

The Sessions tab displays how many times your application was launched, and how long on average users spent using it by platform and location.

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Session length is calculated based on the following user actions:



If the application was backgrounded and resumed within the timeout value (default is 30 seconds), both events are canceled and the previous session remains active.

Avg. Session Length Tab

The Avg. Session Length tab displays the average session length by platform.

Version Adoption Tab

The Version Adoption tab shows number of sessions per platform version,

Events Tab

The Events tab lists the name and number of each custom event generated events generated by your application, as well as a timeline of when events were generated. To get custom events to appear on the list, you must build your application and trigger each event to ensure that the events are registered with the analytics engine.