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Comment: Updated per Dashboard 5.0.0


  • alert – The notification message displayed to the user. 
  • badge – A  – The number to display with in the notification. See Notification badges.
  • sound – The name of an audio file to play when the notification arrives, minus its extension. See Notification sounds.


  • Local images: Can be specified when scheduling a local notification from your application, e.g. using the attachments property inside the creation dictionary of the notification.
  • Remote image: Can be specified when scheduling a remote notification using an UNNotificationServiceExtension. App extensions in Titanium can be written in both Objective-C and Swift. Learn more about them here.

 An example of using remote attachments followsRemote attachments example:

Code Block
    "aps": {
        "alert": {
            "title": "Weather Update",
            "body": "The weather out here is getting serious, remember to bring an umbrella!"
        "mutable-content": 1
    "attachment-url": "",
    "attachment-name": "example.gif"