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Comment: Updated per Dashboard 5.0.0



 To register an Android Java, or iOS Objective-C or Swift application in Dashboard:

  1. Log in to Dashboard.
  2. Click the Add menu (+) and select Register App for Services to open the Register App for Services form.
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  3. In the Register App for Services form, enter an application Name, and select a Platform and Category. Optionally, you can provide a description for your application. To add application team members from the organization, click the add (+) button in the Members form App Team list at the right.
  4. Click OK.

Dashboard displays the Services tab for your application. Follow the directions to add Platform Services to your application.


After you have created your client application, Dashboard directs you to the Platform the Services tab for the application. When the client application is first created, the Cloud and Performance and Analytics services are automatically enabled, and the Test service is disabled. Follow the directions in the tab to integrate Platform Services into your application.


For more detailed instructions, see the Quick Start Guide for Android APS SDK and Quick Start Guide for iOS APS SDK guides.

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If you need to later return to these Enable Platform Services instructions, do the following:

  1. Click the Apps menu and select the application. Dashboard displays the Overview tab of the application.
  2. Click Select the Services button tab.
  3. Click Add Platform Services to your app to display the Platform Services tab for the application.

View Application Information


  • Details on which Platform Services are enabled for the project
  • Application keys to enable Platform Services for your application
  • Link to instructions for enabling Platform Services

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To retrieve the application keys:

  1. Click the Apps menu and select the application. Dashboard displays the Overview tab of the application.
  2. Click the Services button.
  3. Click Show Key to display the application key for the services. For Cloud and Performance and Analytics, make sure the correct deployment environment is selected from the Environment drop-down list before copying the key.

Use the keys to enable AMPLIFY Appcelerator Services for your project.

For directions on how to enable Platform Services, click the Add Platform Services to your app link at the bottom of the Services section.