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  • Scott Robinson,, Skype: scott.grobinson Twitter: scottgrobinson, Hampshire - England. Can help in any way required!
  • Pramod Shintri,, Skype: pshin3, Twitter: pramods, San Jose, CA.  Can help wherever you feel I can add value!
    * Kazuyuki Koizuka,, Skype: shachikk, twitter: shachi, location:Japan, Tokyo, Nerima, Ekoda ????????????…?????
  • E-WA?????,, Skype: ewa4618, Twitter: ewa4618, Location: Tokyo Japan, English to Japanese translation/ localization
  • Atsushi KATAOKA,, twitter:atsusy, Location: Hyogo Japan, coding and testing
  • Maria Iu,, twitter: @mmmmmria, San Francisco/Mountain View, CA, design -- would appreciate help from Tyrus as well
  • GNUE(question),, twitter: @gnue, location: Tokyo, Japan
  • KITAO Masato(donayama),, twitter: @donayama, location: Osaka, Japan 
  • Akira Seki, twitter:akrseki, Skype:sekiakira, Tokyo, Japan
  • Gen Ito,, @itog, skype:itog0205, Tokyo Japan. I can help with coding and translation.
  • Toru KOBAYASHI,, @toru0325, Kyoto, Japan, can help with iphone codiing and testing.
  • nilima das,, open for any help i am capable of.
  • Hiroki Ito,, Skype:h_r_k_t, Twitter:@hrkt, Yokohama Japan, can help in English-Japanese translation, iOS/android testing, maybe coding a bit
  • Yoshinori Ehara,, Skype:yoshinori_ehara twitter:@yehara, Kyoto Japan, iPhone Coding, Testing,  EtoJ translation
  • Masaaki Takeda,, Skype: takemasa5 Twitter:@takemasa5  Location:Tokyo, Japan can help: iPhone testing
  • Hironori Hashimo (Double-H),, twitter: @dh_com, location: Osaka, Japan, can help: iOS/android testing.
  • Kohei Tomita,, twitter: @tomity, Skype: tommy_fmale, location: Tokyo Japan, I can help with Android coding and testing, rails, search engine.
  • Yuya Nishioka,, twitter: @24ok, skype:y.24ok, location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Atsushi Wada,, twitter:@wats, skype:a2cwater, location:Tokyo Japan, I can code for Android/iOS and server side. And provide server.
  • Hajime Sasaki,, twitter: @hjm_ssk, skype: hjm.ssk, location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Takeshi NARISAKO,, twitter: @narisako, skype:narisako, location: Yokohama Japan
  • Daisuke Shimizu,, twitter @tori3_jp,, location: Saitama Japan : Java and JavaScrtipy engineer ????????????????????????
  • Alan DuBoff,
  • IKEDA Kunihide,, Twitter@kuni_ikeda, Skype:ikeda92, Location:Osaka, Japan, I can help with iPhone testing.
  • Masahiko Tachizono,, twitter@mshk, Skype:masahikot, Location:San Francisco CA US, iOS(iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS/iPhone 3G)/Android(Nexus S) testing, bug fixing 
  • Hideyuki Okada,, Twitter@typhonics, Skype:hideyuki.okada, iOS/Android 
  • Masaki Fuke, Twitter@fm_tonakai, Skype:fm.tonakai, iOS/Android
  • Go Ando, , Twitter @goando , Skype: go.ando , Location: Kanagawa-Japan , iOS App developer and can do the testing with following devices. iPhone3GS/4 iPod touch3/4.
  • Daphne Lai,, Twitter @shuaiger, Location: Hirakata-shi, Osaka. Can help with English-Chinese translation, administration. Just let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
  • Yuya Saito,, Twitter @cssradar, Location: Tokyo, Japan, I can help with English-Japanese translation and I have iPhone 3G to help testing.
  • Sohei Kasai,, Twitter @web_officer, Location: Kobe, Japan, Can help with coding server side with Python or PHP and android(IS06) testing
  • Yoko Okada,,Twitter @lincolinnyan,Location:Tokyo,Japan,??????????????????????????????????
  • Ingo Muschenetz,, Can help wherever I am most useful

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