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  • Tony Guntharp, - US Mobile Project Coordinator
  • Yuichiro MASUI,, skype: masuidrive76 Twitter: masuidrive - JP Mobile Project Coordinator
  • Elyse Phillips,
  • Jeff Haynie, jhaynie@appcelerator
  • Ben Bahrenburg,, Skype: ben.bahrenburg, twitter:benCoding, location: NJ, USA
  • Tim Poulsen,, Skype: timothypoulsen, twitter: skypanther, location: NY, USA
  • Ivan Mathy,, ivanmathy/@thedeejay92, Paris - FRANCE
  • Justin Lee,, twitter:@lis186, Taipei, Taiwan. Can help with iOS, Javascript coding.
  • Kazuaki Konno,, twitter: @kaz_konno, skype: kazk17, location: kashiwa, Japan
  • Atsushi KATAOKA,, twitter:atsusy, Location: Hyogo Japan, coding and testing
  • Maria Iu,, twitter: @mmmmmria, San Francisco/Mountain View, CA, design -- would appreciate help from Tyrus as well
  • Toru KOBAYASHI,, @toru0325, Kyoto, Japan, can help with iphone codiing and testing.
  • Yoshinori Ehara,, Skype:yoshinori_ehara twitter:@yehara, Kyoto Japan, iPhone Coding, Testing,  EtoJ translation
  • Hironori Hashimo (Double-H),, twitter: @dh_com, location: Osaka, Japan, can help: iOS/android testing.
  • Yuya Nishioka,, twitter: @24ok, skype:y.24ok, location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Atsushi Wada,, twitter:@wats, skype:a2cwater, location:Tokyo Japan, I can code for Android/iOS and server side. And provide server.
  • Go Ando, , Twitter @goando , Skype: go.ando , Location: Kanagawa-Japan , iOS App developer and can do the testing with following devices. iPhone3GS/4 iPod touch3/4.
  • TAKEDA hiroyuki,, twitter:@3ign0n, skype:hiroyuki.takeda, location: Yokohama, Japan, Android map module that's supported offline mode
  • E-WA(いーわ), E-WA,, Skype: ewa4618, Twitter: ewa4618, Location: Tokyo Japan, English to Japanese translation/ localization
  • Seiji Fukuda, location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Kanwa Nagafuji (@kanwa from iiiflow) artworks
  • Seiji Miyazawa (@onthehead from iiiflow) artworks
  • Kazuhiro ODA (Locker) Twitter: @d_o_locker Osaka Japan
  • Yoko Okada,,Twitter @lincolinnyan,Location:Tokyo,Japan,Android(IS03) test
  • Jae Lee, @leejaew, Seoul Korea

If you'd like to volunteer to help, please list your name here: