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  • Japan 2011 Quake Relief

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  • Work in progress on
    • Before importing project, make folders 'build', 'build/iphone' and 'build/android' in SendaiQuake source code folder.
  • To run the app you're going to need a CI build. Please get them here:
  • Ben/Tony/Tim working for converting OilReporter
    • News feature ( status : completed pending remote update feature )
    • Contribute ( status : completed pending remote update feature completed  )
    • Twitter ( status : completed )
    • About & Resources ( pending wording/content updates completed )
    • Update pages to match style provided by Japan team ( status : pending completed)
  • Japan team is working on Contribute tab(Yuichiro). Changing to remote file loading type. Then we can add/edit them anytime. Japanese charity groups won't give us the permission to use link and logos if we apply the form which they need. So we deleted Japanese charity groups from the list(@kaz_konno). 
  • Japan team will provide Shelter map feature