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This document describes the process you can follow to test any of the "NPM-installable" projects, including Alloy and the CLI. While you could test PRs for the Titanium SDK itself, that would also involve Building the Titanium SDK From Source which is covered elsewhere in the documentation.  

One-time setup:

  1. Fork the Alloy project to your GitHub account.
  2. Clone your fork the project repo to a local directory. For example, for Alloy you would use git clone (you can't do this with your fork of the project)
  3. In the resulting directory, open the .git/config file in your text editor.
  4. Follow the instructions at to modify your git configuration to support fetching pull requests
Checkout a PR

If you're a GitHub for Mac (or Windows) userusers, you can 'll see a button to check out PRs the PR directly from the GitHub repo page. See This will work only if you have write access to the repo. (You can check out for more details. For ) Sorry, you're going to have to use the command-line warriors, follow these stepsfor this:

  1. Update your local repo with git fetch origin (which will also fetch all the PRs).
  2. Check out the specific PR using git checkout pull/origin/999 -b 999 where 999 is the PR number (the -b 999 creates a new local branch named after the PR)
  3. Install from your local branch: [sudo] npm install -g . (with the dot at the end). You’re ready now to do your testing, etc.