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To use the searchView property, create a Titanium.UI.SearchBar object and set it to the ListView's searchView property. Then, you need to add the searchableText property to each item in your list when you create it to assign it the text to match when searching. You can optionally set the caseInsensitiveSearch property to false to enable case sensitive searches and set the keepSectionsInSearch to true to preserve section labels while searching.

For the On Android platform, you can also use a , Titanium.UI.SearchBar is not native when build with Titanium versions older than 10.0.0. In this case, it's recommended to use  Titanium.UI.Android.SearchView object rather than a SearchBar. The example below creates a list of fruits that can be searched with the search bar at the top of the list. instead which is native. As of Titanium 10.0.0, Titanium.UI.SearchBar is native.

To use the searchText property, set the property to the value you want to search for and the list automatically updates with the results. You still need to add the searchableText property to each item in your list. See the commented code sections below.