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If you are having issues with the speed of Studio, see here for ways this document provides information you can use to diagnose the problem.

Table of Contents

Building Workspace taking longer than expected


  1. Right-click on a project's folder.
  2. Select Build > Exclude from build.

Studio is encountering an exception during indexing


If you notice things like JIRAAPSTUD-2260APSTUD-2260, it's , it's likely your index is corrupt. See below.

If you notice issues mentioned in APSTUD-2260 (UTFDataFormatException in DiskIndex.readString()), it is likely your index is corrupt. See See The index is corrupt section below.

A validator or builder is enabled that is taking a long time to process each file


  1. Find your workspace directory on disk
  2. Locate the .metadata folder indside (you may need to show hidden files)
  3. Delete .metadata/.plugins/com.aptana.index.core/*.index (index file/files for the JS, HTML etc.).
  4. Delete .metadata/.plugins/com.aptana.editor.php/*.index (index file/files for PHP).
  5. Restart Studio

If that still does not help...

The There are diagnoses you can perform that will help us understand the issue:

  1. Turn on Show Normally Hidden Processes: Preferences > Studio > Troubleshooting > Show Normally Hidden Processes
  2. In the same preference page, turn on the following:
    1. Debug Level: All
    2. Debug specific components
      1. com.aptana.core/debug/builder
      2. com.aptana.core/debug/builder/indexer
      3. com.aptana.core/debug/builder/participants
  3. Then, clear the log file: Help > Studio > Clear Log File.
  4. Restart Studio

Attach your findings to JIRAAPSTUD-2050APSTUD-2050 ("Building Workspace" job takes a while to complete). You should see entries like:

Code Block
!ENTRY com.aptana.core 1 0 2012-08-15 14:44:09.007
!MESSAGE (Build 0.0.0.qualifier) [INFO] com.aptana.core/debug/builder Performing incremental unified build on project 'geolocationClient'

!ENTRY com.aptana.buildpath.core 1 0 2012-08-15 14:44:09.069
!MESSAGE (Build 0.0.0.qualifier) [INFO] com.aptana.core/debug/builder/participants Executed build participant 'Index Build Participant' on 'file:/Users/ingo/Documents/Aptana%20Workspaces/Aptana%20Studio%203%20Workspace/geolocationClient/LICENSE' in 10.842 ms.


!ENTRY com.aptana.core 1 0 2012-08-15 14:44:09.556
!MESSAGE (Build 0.0.0.qualifier) [INFO] com.aptana.core/debug/builder Finished unified build of 'geolocationClient'. Took 589.057 ms.

High CPU



Diagnosing high CPU usage is relatively straightforward, but requires a small amount of setup. However, the information gained here is invaluable to the developers.