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Errors while building a mobile project are usually due to configuration issues. The most common problems and possible solutions are posted here.


This will happen if you have upgraded your iOS SDKs, and the old one is not available. To fix:

  1. Select Run > Run Configurations... (you will get to the same spot if you choose Debug Configurations...).
  2. Select the configuration for the project you are having an issue with.
  3. Choose an available iOS SDK from the list.
  4. Save and close the dialog.


  1. Turn on debug logging: Debugging Studio, and enable specific component com.aptana.core/debug/shell.
  2. Re-open the Preference dialog.
  3. Open the Studio log file (Help > Studio > View Log File) and scroll to the end.
  4. You should see a command line invocation of, for example:

    Code Block
    "/usr/bin/python" "/Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/" "/Users/username/Documents/android"
  5. Copy and paste that complete command line into a terminal window and run it. Check the output. If it doesn't find minimum required Android SDK, the configuration will be marked as invalid.