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Indicate the status of the check. Can hold the following values: 'ok', 'processing', 'error', 'incomplete' or 'unknown'

The currently installed Titanium Mobile SDK version

The currently installed Titanium Desktop SDK version

A boolean indication that an update is available



When the, for example, is undefined, the will indicate the stage of the command. The studio will fire multiple events after the dispatch call, and it's up to the JavaScript call to handle those and render the UI accordingly (for example, show a spinning wheel when the processing status is received).

The studio3_sdk repository contains a complete example of handling these events and tunneling them to the UI (see updates.js)

Installing a Titanium SDK update

When the Studio indicates that a Titanium SDK update is available, a displayed link can activate the action to download and install the SDK automatically.

Here is the dispatch call that does that:


You can install a specific Titanium SDK via the url. The action will trigger an install similar to the "installUpdate" action, but just targeted to a specific SDK url.

Here is the dispatch call that does that: