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The Android Action Bar is a reserved portion of the window used for branding, navigation controls and application-wide actions. Using the action bar requires Android 3.0 and later and Titanium SDK 3.0 and later.

For details on using the action bar, see Android Action Bar.


Code Block
// must be a heavyweight window to capture the androidback event
// so set something like fullscreen:false
var win = Ti.UI.createWindow({
	title: 'Hello world',
	backgroundColor: '#fff',
	fullscreen: false
win.addEventListener('androidback',function() {
	// do something

Prior to Release 3.0, the androidback event was named android:back. The older name is now deprecated.

Android Labels

Titanium Labels have the ability to use inline HTML, as well as embedded links, on Android. You can include simple formatting HTML within a label and Android will render it properly. To do so, you use the html property rather than the text property. This is pretty handy for cross-platform apps so that you can provide platform-specific label text.