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Bear in mind the above SOAP envelope is completely made up and derived from another service. In order to use your own SOAP web services in this fashion, you will need to understand what the contents of a SOAP request to your server actually looks like as an HTTP request. Here, other third party tools can help, particularly ones that let you inspect the raw HTTP requests and responses for your web service. On the Mac, you might consider using SOAP Client. The Eclipse Web Tools project also has a bit of SOAP oriented tooling.

Using the Suds library

Also possibly useful is the Suds client library for Titanium. It is an unofficial library and not in any way supported by Appcelerator, but it may be useful as a reference in building your own SOAP client.

References and Further Reading


In this chapter, you learned that you can interact with SOAP web services in Titanium, but that SOAP involves extra overhead and larger data payloads compared to JSON or XML.