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For more information about CFBundleDevelopmentRegion, please review iOS Developer Library - Core Foundation Keys and iOS Developer Library - Language IDs.


You'll notice in this case we are creating the Android native strings.xml files, rather than the app.xml files used by iOS. While the file names are different, the contents will be identical to those in the iOS files seen above.

Aside from the strings.xml files, there's one more thing we need to add. To make your app use these localized strings, you need to modify the existing AndroidManifest.xml. In order to do that, we need to add that custom manifest file, seen in the picture above at platform/android/AndroidManifest.xml. The AndroidManifest.xml file placed here should be a copy of the generated AndroidManifest.xml file found in your project's build/android directory. For more details on custom AndroidManifest.xml files, check out this wiki entry on the topic.