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Heavyweight and lightweight windows

Heavyweight windows are Titanium windows that correspond directly to Android activities. It's possible to create Titanium windows that are "lightweight" and don't correspond to activities. You should think of them more like fullscreen views. When you create a Titanium window, the API makes a few checks to decide if it should be heavyweight; a window is heavyweight if:

  • Any of these properties are set to either true or false: fullscreen, navBarHidden, or modal;
  • Or if the window's windowSoftInputMode property is set to any of the Ti.UI.Android constants;
  • Or if the tabOpen property is true.

Heavyweight windows create a new Activity on the stack, and always create a new Javascript context for their window.


Services are "long running" app components that run without user interaction. You might use a service to periodically check a network resource or you play music while your app is in the background. Services are not separate threads or processes. They're not a way to offload work from your main application. You can create services by calling on Titanium's Ti.Android.Service module.