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In this case, it is more clear that myValue is not a function, but the return value of the function.

Avoid deep nesting with Android/Rhino

On Android, Rhino will occasionally cause your app to run out of memory if you have several levels of recursion or iteration in a function. If you run into a "recursion too deep" error, try and flatten out your code in areas where you have several levels of nested loops or recursive code. If that's not a viable solution, you can also increase the size of the thread stack (see Android specific application properties section).

This issue is not a problem with the V8 engine on Android.


You briefly looked at JavaScript development and the resources you might explore to expand your JavaScript skills. This was a lightning fast assessment of coding style and practices that will aid in becoming a better Javascript developer. It is far from a comprehensive list, though, and is not meant to be training material per se. It is highly recommended that you go out and get at least one, if not all of the books mentioned in order to gain a true understanding of the scope and power of the language.