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Get up to speed by setting up Axway Appcelerator Studio and building your first application.


Learn how to code and organization your project.  ( Also take a look at Alloy Framework.)


User Interface

Learn the basics of creating a user interface for your application.  These These topics cover creating a basic UI, event handling and a high-level overview of platform-specific UIs.


Take a deeper look into the Titanium UI APIs.  Learn about animations, gestures, and orientation modes as wells as guides on using platform-specific UIs.


Learn how to access data from remote sources using the HTTP client to make requests or use the Titanium Cloud module to access Mobile Backend Services servicesmobile backend services.


Working with Media APIs


These topics cover platform-specific APIs not represented in the other chapters, such as application lifecycle life cycle management.


Using Modules


Can't find a feature Titanium exposed?  Create Create your own native module to access features Titanium has not implemented yet.


Contributing to Titanium

Want to help out?  Report Report a bug, contribute to the docs, or submit a pull request to the titanium_mobile Titanium repo.



These appendices collect various Titanium technical topics that don't fit into the preceding chapters.