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Information to include


A concise summary that distinguishes it from other tickets, making it easy for the core team to determine at a glance the nature of the issue.
Format: <COMPONENT>: <SUB-COMPONENT> - Description (eg. "iOS: Facebook - Unable to login on iPod")


Leave as default


Leave as default


Optionally, one of the following descriptions may be chosen to reflect the issue's impact on your project: 

  • Blocker: issue is blocking project
  • Major: crashing or incorrect behavior issue that may have a workaround or is not stopping ship
  • Minor: crash or incorrect behavior that does have a reasonable workaround or low impact
  • Trivial: functions correctly, but appearance/functionality needs improvement
  • None: default


Choose a component from the list


The tested environment (only include the versions of each component that exhibit the problem and have been physically tested)

  • Titanium SDK version: number, build date and build hash, or output to the console output at application launch 
  • Javascript Engine: Rhino / V8 
  • Platform & version: iOS x.x, Android x.x, Blackberry x.x, OS X x.x, Windows x, and/or Ubuntu x.x 
  • Device Details: iOS simulator, Android emulator, or physical device model 
  • Host Operating System: OS X x.x, Windows x, or Ubuntu x.x 
  • Titanium Studio version: available in Help > About



A concise, factual, description containing the following sections (use the JIRA Ticket Template as a starting point): 

Explanation of the problem, including the actual behavior and the expected behavior 

Test case 
Steps to reproduce plus simple working code that demonstrates the issue and follows the Creating a Test Case guidelines, placed within a {code} markup block in the body of the ticket 

Community Discussion 
A link to the Q&A question in which you asked the community to verify the observed behavior 

Logged messages from the following locations, depending on the problem, placed within a {code} markup block in the body of the ticket: 

  • Android and iOS Development: Titanium Studio console output of exceptions
  • Packaging: contents of build.log (Android: <PROJECT>/build.log, iOS: build/iphone/build/build.log)
  • Titanium Studio: contents of menu item Help > Titanium Studio > View Log File (contents of <workspace-dir>/log file) 


Attach images and assets, but try to keep code in the description field 


The only valid labels are regression for regressions and parity for differences between platforms. All others will be removed before the ticket is accepted.

We do not underestimate the time and conscientiousness involved in raising good tickets, and we very much appreciate it. Thank you for all your efforts!