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This manual assumes that you have already have Python and/or Jython and/or IronPython installed in your machine, as well as Eclipse, Aptana Studio 2 or Aptana Studio 3 (Beta).

Manual topics:



  • from update site and zips
  • uninstalling

Configuring the interpreter

  • specify the python interpreter and system PYTHONPATH
  • choose the modules to be dynamically analyzed (forced builtins)

Creating a project

  • Create the project
  • Specify referenced projects

Further configuring your project

  • specify folders containing the sources -- added to the project PYTHONPATH
  • specify additional external folders to be added to the project PYTHONPATH

Creating your first python module

  • Checking code-completion

Running/Debugging your program
Configuring Eclipse Essentials

  • Auto-refresh

Tips for programming with PyDev

Further info on: