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If you change the name of the application, you will need to copy the newly generated android:name value from the AndroidManifest.xml file and overwrite the old value in the tiapp.xml file.

Custom theme generator

Android Action Bar Style Generator

The Android Action Bar Style Generator is a website tool that builds and generates an Android Action Bar style based on the customizations you select.  This tool generates the XML files and graphic assets you need and packages them in to a ZIP file, which you can unpack in your project.

To create a custom Action Bar style:

  1. Go to Android Action Bar Style Generator.
  2. Enter a name for your style.  This name will be used to reference your style in the Android manifest.  If you want to use a theme generated by the Android Holo Colors Generator, do not use the same name.
  3. For Style Compatibility, use AppCompat.
  4. Choose the style customizations you want to use.
  5. Click Download .ZIP button near the button of the web page to download your custom theme.

Once you have your custom Action Bar style, unpack the ZIP file and copy the res folder to your project's platform/android folder.  Then, modify your tiapp.xml file to use the custom style, for example:

Code Block
<android xmlns:android="">
        <!-- Replace StyleName with the name of your style -->
        <application android:theme="@style/Theme.StyleName"/>

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