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SequenceCompleted task to configure and enable an IdP

Add a domain and

Verify domain ownership

Configure an OIDC or SAML v2.0 IdP

Step 1 tasks (add and verify a domain, or configure an IdP) can be completed in any order
Confirm the association of your IdP to the domain

Enable the IdP configuration for all domain users



(Optional) Add a subdomain

After confirming the association of your IdP to the domain, you can enable the configuration for all users on the domain.

  1. For the domain you want to confirm, select Enable from the Actions (...) menu from the Email Domain table.

  2. One of the following modals dialogs displays:
    • If there are other users on the domain that are in the Platform, but not in the org, a Consolidate Users modal dialog displays. The modal explains that all users must be in the org and displays a table showing the missing users. Click Add Users to the add the users to the org and the default team with the Developer role. These users' roles and team membership can be managed on the organization's Members page.

    • If all of the users users on the confirmed domain are in the org, then the Enable Identity Provider modal dialog displays. The modal explains that all steps have been completed to enable the IdP for all users on the domain. Click Enable

After the IdP is enabled for all users on the domain, the following occurs:

    • The users on the domain are signed out of the Platform and must use their IdP to authenticate with the Platform. 
    • The Email Domain table displays Confirmed in the Confirmed column.