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As an administrator the AMPLIFY Platform lets you view details about your organization, manage the users who have access to the AMPLIFY Services, manage the applications created by members of your organization, and configure an Identity Provider and manage associated domains. All of these functions are available through the  Organization tab. To access the  Organization tab, sign in to the the  AMPLIFY Platform and select  Organization from the  User dropdown menu. 


An organization is linked to one or more subscriptions. Subscriptions define the platform capabilities that the organization is allowed to use. For example, the test organization has a Pro an Enterprise subscription to Application Development and an Enterprise a terminated trial subscription to B2BiApplication Integration

When you sign up for a trial of the platform, then an organization is automatically created for you and you become the administrator that manages the organization and you get a default list of subscriptions. When a customer purchases our platform capabilities, then an Axway administrator creates an organization, assigns the correct subscriptions, and makes a user of the customer an administrator of the platform. 


RoleShort DescriptionPlatformApp DevApp IntegrationCentralCatalogARSMBaaSTeamsAuditMonitorFlow Manager
Platform Roles
AdministratorUse for platform admin tasksXXXXX  X   
DeveloperUse for development and integration projectsXXXXXXXX   
InsightUse for business oversightXX         
ConsumerUse for the consumption of services from the catalogX   X  X   
Runtime Services Roles
Runtime Services AdminUse for all-encompassing access to Runtime Services     XX    
Central Roles
Central AdminUse for all-encompassing access to Central   XX      
Flow Manager Roles
Access Manager

Use for full management of services, organizations, identity stores and users. Allows viewing and editing roles and privileges.

IT Admin

Use for management of Flow Manager configurations, organizations, identity stores and users. Grants viewing of alerts management.

Role enables access rights to user audit.

Products Admin

Use for full management of products, product configurations, policies, product groups. Grants viewing of user audit events.

Integration SpecialistUse for management of applications, application groups, partners, flow patterns, templates, subscriptions, flows and transfers. Grants viewing of products, product configurations and partners.          X
Special Operations Admin

Use for forced deletion of templates and subscriptions.

Transfer CFT AdminUse for full management of Transfer CFT.          X
Subscription SpecialistUse to manage subscriptions.          X
Visibility Roles
AuditorUse for viewing auditing events of the platform.        X  
Analytics SpecialistUse for viewing logs.         X 

Users also have a role in each team they belong to. 

RoleShort Description
Team Role
AdministratorUse this role to manage the members of the team
DeveloperUse this role to manage assets in AMPLIFY Central and the Unified Catalog
ConsumerUse this role to view and consume assets in the Unified Catalog
Catalog Manager

Use this role to manage Unified Catalog items and approve subscriptions

Excerpt Include
Managing Accounts
Managing Accounts

Selecting Organization opens the Organization page for the currently selected organization.

Organization left navigation

To manage your organization information, select Organization from the User menu. The left navigation includes the following tabs:


  1. Sign in to the AMPLIFY Platform.
  2. Click on the User & Org menu and select Organization.
  3. Click the Usage tab from the left navigation. 
  4. If you're a member of multiple organizations, select the organization you want to view from the Usage dropdown menu.
  5. Select All Products or a specific product from the dropdown.
  6. Select a month and year from the dropdown.

Refer to the AMPLIFY Subscription Usage and Reporting guide for details on configuring, reporting, and monitoring usage data for customer-managed on-premise Axway products that you use under subscription agreements.

Managing organization settings