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titleAPI Builder 3.x is deprecated

Support for API Builder 3.x will cease on 30 April 2020. Use the v3 to v4 upgrade guide to migrate all your applications to API Builder 4.x.

Contact if you require migration assistance.

Table of Contents

This document provides an overview of the Axway Marketplace.


The Axway Marketplace is a repository of building blocks for both Apps and APIs. Developers can discover and install components from the Marketplace.


Beginning with API Builder V3.0.0 (Included in CLI 7.0.0), the following new API Builder service connectors are offered on the Axway Marketplace: Amazon S3™ , Concur™, Eloqua™, Facebook™, Google Drive™, Hubspot CRM™, Hubspot™, Mailchimp™, Marketo™, Microsoft Dynamics™, Netsuite™, OneDrive™, Pardot™, Salesforce Service CloudCloud™, Service Now™, SharePoint Native™, SugarCRM™, Twitter™, Zendesk™, and Zoho™.

Install a service connector


  1. Download the service connector from the Axway Marketplace.
  2. Unzip the service connector into the /serviceconnectors/<connector name> folder in your project directory.


    The new service connectors are plain flow-node modules but they are not installed as such in API Builder V3.0.0. The zip file will contain the package folder that contains the actual connector. Rename the package folder after unzipping to match your connector name.

  3. From the project directory, execute the following command to install the HTTP communication module:

    Code Block
    npm i requester-ce
  4. From the project directory, execute the following command:

    Code Block
    appc run
  5. Open the API Orchestration flow editor in the API Builder Console and verify that the service connector is listed and is available for use in flow-node flows.