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Comment: updated for 8.0.0 release


  1. Open views/index.tss and add the following style rule to the end of the document: 

    Code Block
    "TableViewRow[platform=android]": { 
        font: { 
           fontSize: '24' 
        height: '40' 
  2. Save your changes and build the application for Android. The TableView should look like the following screenshot:

Add a NavigationWindow


Unlike Android, iOS devices do not provide a physical back button for navigation. The  NavigationWindow is an iOS-only UI control that provides an easy way to display and navigate hierarchical content. (In native iOS terms, the control is an implementation of the iOS navigation controller interface.) On Android, you get this type of navigation for "free". The NavigationWindow will wrap the original <Window> element and provide a title bar above the <TableView> control, solving this layout issue.