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Studio ships with the ability for users to extend support for JavaScript libraries in content assist. Below is a list of libraries and content assist files we've located that should be compatible with Studio. This is not a complete list, and compatibility is not guaranteed, but if you see something on this list and it doesn't work, please let us know.

Dojo (

The XML files Dojo ships require a little bit of massaging to be readable by the Studio content assist processor.

Drop the SDOCML file anywhere into your Web Project (feel free to put it in a special folder).

Alternately, to update docs to a newer version (should one come out)

ExtJS/Sencha (

Drop the SDOCML file anywhere into your Web Project (feel free to put it in a special folder).


Drop the VSDoc files into your Web Project.

jQuery (

Install the jQuery ruble and reference it:

  1. Commands > Install Bundle > jQuery
  2. Right click on a project, select Properties > Project Build Path and select the checkbox for jQuery 1.6.2.

If you already have the jQuery bundle:

  1. Choose Commands > Bundle Development > Update User Bundles


  1. Find the Aptana Rubles folder on your system
  2. Delete the Ruble
  3. Restart Studio
  4. Install the Ruble again as above

OpenLayers (

There is a current bug with adding the single file to a project to get content assist. As a workaround:

Note that this technique will not actually show documentation on the classes. For that, we need a SDOCML file which could be created from the source Natural Docs.


Drop the SDOCML file into your Web Project.

Not currently supported with API Docs

The libraries below may have supported SDOC files in, however, we are in the process of converted them to SDOCML or JSCA formats. If you'd like to assist, please let us know.

  • None