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Lab - Integrating Web Content

Mission: In this lab, you will integrate web content into a partially-completed RSS reader. Individual articles will be displayed in a web view within a modal window. A local HTML file will be shown in an 'About' tab.

Specification: You will download a partially-completed file and add the missing functionality. The finished app will look like this:

1. Download the starting file set from GitHub or AWS/S3 and import the resulting files as a new Titanium Mobile project.
2. Examine the contents of the app.js, ui/TabGroup.js, and lib/network.js files. These files have been completed for you.
We've written most of the UI features and network functions so that you can concentrate on adding the web view functionality. Of course, at this point, the app doesn't do anything.
3. Open the ui/RSSWindow.js file. In the table event listener, follow the code comments to require in the appropriate module, instantiate the window, and open it.
When users tap on a row, this window will open and display the contents of the blog article.
4. Open ui/ArticleWindow.js and following the comments in that file, write the code to define the window that will contain the web view for showing the blog articles.
5. Open ui/AboutWindow.js and following the comments in that file, write the code to define the window that will display the index.html file on the 'About' tab.
6. Save your changes in all files and build your project for the simulator/emulator.
7. Test your work by viewing an article or two and by displaying the About tab.
Correct any errors and rebuild the app, if necessary.
8. Close the simulator/emulator and all open files in Studio.


In this lab, you implemented web views in two different ways. In one, the contents of a blog post are displayed in a web view. In the other, the contents of a local HTML file are displayed within a web view to illustrate how you can display formatted text in that manner.


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