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SequenceCompleted task to configure and enable an IdP


Add a domain and

Verify domain ownership


Configure an OIDC or SAML v2.0 IdP

Step 1 tasks (add and verify a domain, or configure an IdP) can be completed in any order
Confirm the association of an IdP to the domain


Enable the IdP configuration for all domain users



(Optional) Add a subdomain


After a domain is added, domain ownership must be verified.

To verify domain ownership
  1. After the TXT record has been configured for the domain, select Check TXT Record from the Actions (...) menu for the domain from the Email Domain table. The Verify Domain Ownership modal appears showing the domain to verify and the related TXT values for that domain. The TXT Name is not applicable if it is not supported by the provider.
  2. Click Check TXT Record

    • If the TXT record was not found, a dialog appears with the TXT values for the domain and any found records. Make sure the above value is set with your DNS provider and try again.


      DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate so you may need to check again later.

    • If the TXT record was found, a modal displays saying ownership has been confirmed and the DNS entry (TXT record) can be removed.

      When the domain is confirmed as owned, the Email Domain table will be updated to show Verified in the Owned column, and Pending in the Associated column.
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