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Samples in the ui/ folder demonstrate use of several Titanium UI objects in an Alloy project.

  • AlertDialogDemonstrates basic use of an AlertDialog.
  • Android MenuDemonstrates basic use of Menu and MenuItem objects to display items in the Android action bar.
  • ButtonBarDemonstrates basic use of the ButtonBar control, an iOS-only control that presents a set of buttons joined into a single control.
  • CoverFlowDemonstrates basic use of the CoverFlowView control, an iOS-only control that presents a list of scrollable images in a style consistent with that used for iPod, iTunes, and file browsing.
  • DashboardViewDemonstrates basic use of a DashboardView control in an Alloy application.
  • Date Time PickersDemonstrates how to create a date/time picker using the Picker control.
  • Lists and Tables and Proxy PropertiesDemonstrates use of Alloy elements to proxy ListView and TableView controls and their properties.
  • ListViewDemonstrate basic use of the ListView element to create vertically scrolling lists of items.
  • MapsDemonstrates how to use the Maps module and display annotations on iOS and Android.
  • NavigationWindowDemonstrates how to navigate a hierarchy of content using the NavigationWindow object.
  • OptionDialogDemonstrates how to use an OptionDialog control, a modal view that includes a message and one or more option items.
  • PickerDemonstrates basic use of the Picker control to let a user select one or more fixed values.
  • PopoverDemonstrates how to use a PopOver control iPad devices to present temporary information.
  • Proxy PropertiesDemonstrates expressing properties of Titanium objects with Alloy proxy elements.
  • ScrollableViewDemonstrates basic use of ScrollableView control to present a horizontally-scrolling set of child views, called pages.
  • SplitWindowDemonstrates how to use a SplitWindow control, an iPad-only control for managing the presentation of two views in a master-detail UI.
  • SwitchDemonstrates how to use a Switch element.
  • TabbedBarDemonstrates basic use of TabbedBar control.
  • TabGroupDemonstrates basic use of a TabbedGroup control to display a tabbed interface.
  • TableViewDemonstrates basic use of TableView control.
  • ToolbarDemonstrates adding a Toolbar control to an iOS or Android application.