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Axway Appcelerator Studio is easy to update. It will prompt you automatically on launch if there is a new update, or you can check manually by selecting Help > Check for Titanium Updates or Help > Check for Appcelerator Updates.

Studio also has an active release cycle with updates regularly. If you wish, you can subscribe to pre-release versions of the software. They will have more features, but also the possibility of bugs. We encourage you to use these versions as they help shape the direction of the product though your early feedback.

There are three update types:

  • Stable releases are those with the most testing and the same as you would download from the website.
  • Beta releases are those with some testing and are in preparation to be released relatively soon.
  • Nightly updates are bleeding-edge releases. This is straight from the developer server. As such, you will see new features first, but there is the possibility of blocker bugs or file corruption. Use it at your own risk.

To update to one of these, see Changing the Update Type. If you run into an error updating, see Errors While Updating.

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